Arabic Mandi at Laham Lounge

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Arabic Mandi in Rawalpindi at Laham Lounge The best Arabic Mandi is served at Laham Lounge Restaurant in Rawalpindi.  The Food Lovers are always on the lookout for something delicious, hale, hearty and amazing. Laham Lounge  offers best taste of Mandi according to your demand. Arabic Mandi is extremely popular and prevalent in most areas of the Arabian Peninsula, and even considered a staple dish in many regions. It's becoming a rage now in Pakistan also. The Ingredients of Arabic Mandi The basic ingredients of Arabic Mandi is Rice, Meat (chosen from Lamb, Camel, Goat or Chicken), and a mixture of Spices called Hawaij. A young and small sized lamb’s meat is usually preferred to enhance the taste further. The meat is boiled with whole spices until tender. The rice is then boiled in spiced stock at the bottom of the Tandoor. Then the meat is suspended inside the Tandoor above the rice and without touching the charcoal. After that, the whole Tandoor is then closed with clay for up to 8 hours. The preparation of Mandi can be watched here Mandi is different from other meat dishes because the meat is cooked in the Tandoor - an oven very popular in Pakistan for baking Naan. The Availability of Mandi You can enjoy Arabic Mandi at Laham Lounge Restaurant ( ) or order a home delivery through Yumfoody ( Call 0345-5458568 for order online now. Also download yumfoody app and place order via app. . Mandi is offered Full for 18 persons and Half for 10 Persons Arabic mandi in Rawalpindi  


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