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Super Deal 6

1 Zinger supreme , 1 Regular drink , Reg fries. To order call 0300 0341022

Units Sold: 3

Cheezious Saddar restaurant known for its good food. So Cheezious Saddar Zinger supreme burger deal is available in your home town. zinger supreme burger known as double dicker burger. Because this burger have a two  zinger chicken piece. This deal is a gift for zinger burger lovers. Our Deal: Cheezious Saddar Zinger supreme burger  is our special burger deal. In this deal we offer one zinger supreme burger with regular fries also regular drink.zinger supreme Services:   You can dine-in, take-away. Also ask for home delivery as well. Contact Us: To order call 0300 0341022 or visit  or visit Facebook page :


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