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Choclate Brownie (With Ice Cream)

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We Serve Choclate Brownie (With Ice Cream) on top with a generous pouring of melted chocolate on the Ice Cream. We present it on hot sizzler plates which you eat directly in its sizzling hot form. Semisweet chocolate is the classic chocolate chip chocolate. In fact, you can use melted chocolate chips or chunks for your brownies if you like. Semisweet chocolate contains about 40 to 60 percent cocoa solids, therefore, it good flavor balanced with a pleasant sweetness. There are so many wonderful health benefits to good quality chocolate   (  


Generally, a Choclate Brownie (With Ice Cream) and dark melt chocolate are used to prepare this dessert. In other words, we use nut-based brownies and Ice Cream flavors in certain food joints. We also use Gooey chocolate brownies with seasonal fruits on the sides to create variants of sizzling brownies.  
  • White Wings double chocolate fudge brownies
  • 100 g butter, melted
  • Brand Australian free range eggs
  • 500 ml Cole Brand hazelnut choc Ice Cream, softened
  • (185 ml) Pure cream
Serving the Chocolate Brownies For the ultimate chocolate experience, try these irresistible Choclate Brownie (With Ice Cream) and drizzled with warm chocolate sauce.
Carefully slice each Choclate Brownie (With Ice Cream) sandwich into 6 fingers. Spoon over warm chocolate sauce to serve.
You can book your seat for dine in at Cheezious PWD Restaurant ( ) or order a home delivery through Yumfoody or Call at 0300 0341022   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Hot Brownie and vanilla ice cream...YUMMMERS!!! | Hot chocolate fudge, Cocoa brownies, Desserts Rich, fudge chocolate brownie is mix with gooey caramel cheese and it is served with caramel ice-cream – this is the ultimate salted caramel chocolate skillet brownie. Sweet and salty, this brownie will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings like no other brownies you’ve tried before.[/caption]


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