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Zinger Burger

To Order Call 0300-0341022

Units Sold: 48

Zinger Burger in Saddar YumFoody Provided Home Delivery Service throughb yumfoody. You can place your order online online . Therefore for online order visit . Also Call us 0300-0341022 . Similarly Whats App us . Also Download yumfoody mobile app and place your order Online If you like it hot and spicy fast food, a Zinger burger will be sure to hit the spot. This 100% chicken breast fillet is coated in crunchy, spicy Zinger flavoring and served with fresh crisp lettuce, red onion and sweet mayo on a seeded bun. It really packs a punch! The Zinger Burger in Saddar is a batter-coated, fried patty in a bun, with a slice of lettuce and mayo and cheese. ... The patty is fairly mild, though Cheezious did try a spicier version that didn't take off. You can book your seat for dine in at Cheezious Saddar Restaurant ( ) or order a home delivery through Yumfoody. Call 0300 0341022 Are you busy? Have no time for cooking?Or Just wish to have meal from your Favorite place.Yum Foody is now available in your city.We are offering fast,easy and a new way of browsing your favorite restaurants and eateries on your laptop or mobile.Whether it is breakfast on the go lunch at office,dinner in bed or a mid -night snack call,now you can get your favorite meals pretty much whenever you are ;thanks to the free easy-to-use yum foody Delivery & Takeout App with on-line and cash options. . Zinger Burger in Bahria Town


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