PUNE FOOD TRIP | Garden Vada Pav | Sujata Mastani | Durga Coffee | Flavours FC

Hiiiii you guys! In today’s episode,come join me as I take a walk down the memory lane and cover some of Pune’s iconic food joints that were my absolute favorites, during my stay in Pune!:)

I visited Garden Vada Pav, Sujata Mastani,Durga COffee and Flavors toast FC road after a good 7-8 years and it was such a good feeling being back at places I used to frequent back in the day!
Tell me in comments below which out of these is/was your all time fave!
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  1. Teen Tigdi !

    Tai aapla je bolna zala na ki mala tuzha no. Hava ahe , tr apn ek kam karaych ka ki mi mza whatsapp no. Tula send krte tu mla tyvr msg pthav

  2. Teen Tigdi !

    Nice video ! FC is always awesome !

  3. Konika Sappal

    You seem such a true and young LIVELYYY soul!! I soo wanna be friends with you‼️❤️

  4. Prateek Singh

    Nice video,keep making such videos you will do great in future.
    I'm sure

  5. Maya Khatale

    Congrats… You are closer to get 4k subscribers….

  6. Arvind Vaidya

    Talk less but give address/location of that hotels/stalls u visit..
    Will help us to visit easily..

  7. Maya Khatale

    Which food you liked the most???

  8. Jeff Hendrickx

    Gimme that coffee! It looks soo good.

  9. Ethenic Beauty

    Will definitely gonna have mastani and also hello to uncle behind you on scooter

  10. Rehaan Reehu

    Garden vadapav is not tasty as it's showing in YouTube. Only size of vadapav is big

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