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There are many different ways to make Chicken Curry this is how I like mine. I hope you find this helpful.

RECIPE: http://bit.ly/1SAlITl

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Hi, I’m a 1/2 pakistani and 1/2 filipina girl who enjoys cooking! I created this channel to share most of my family recipes and other which I’ve discovered and learned throughout these years. Everything I post is halal easy and tasty food. I mainly concentrate in sharing Pakistani/Indian and Filipino recipes.
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  1. Nancy Goodman

    Made this for lunch today, absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare.  Thank you!!!!

  2. pusang mataba

    thank you for recipe i make this to my fiance

  3. Nainaa Sahil

    Thank you sound awesome will try.

  4. Bobby Singh

    Made is today so easy. Just add green chillies to add spice in the gravy. Thank you.

  5. Moazzam Ali

    wanna try your easy n quick recipe, I've been living in Germany for more than a year. n till yet haven't cook any Pakistani Dish :/ I tried some but these were totally failed experiments 😀

  6. FoyshaCollection

    I use alot of mixed curry powder to make my masala… Can replace that with Garam Masala? If I cook 1kg chicken Ill use 3 heaped tea spoon of Curry powder, typically..
    I noticed some people add garam masala at the end of cooking.. almost like seasoning

  7. Mirth david

    sorry cant believe in canned tomatoes for chicken

  8. Mirnes

    alejkumu selam!
    nice video
    Back sub 🙂

  9. Jowairiya Mahomed

    Can i use garlic n skip ginger?

  10. Jowairiya Mahomed

    Omg it came out amazing thnk u

  11. Javairia Ahmad

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe. Thank you very much

  12. Army Az

    What if we don't have garam masala? Can we change it with another ingredients?

  13. Sticky Cabbage

    That looks so nice! i know whats for dinner in my house tonight! thank you for the simple to follow video

  14. faye fa

    Plz add recipe in description box

  15. DrSajed

    It tastes really delicious..

  16. Asma Kitchen

    Sister Very Nice Very Good Channel and Cooking Very Hot

  17. Asma Kitchen

    Subscriber and Share Asma Kitchen Thank You

  18. mkhan8902

    thank you for this easy recipe! i used to be a terrible cook and this has been my best dish yet.

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