Rare TRIBAL FOOD in India!! Leaf Basket COOKING! | Kerala, India

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Ponmudi, Kerala, India – Early one morning we drove into the mountains of Ponmudi, into the lush jungle, home to one of the incredible indigenous tribes of India. It was an amazing experience to learn about their culture, and especially to watch them prepare a number of truly incredible cooking techniques – unlike anything else I’d ever seen in the world. #India #Kerala

I had no idea what or how they were going to prepare a leaf basket steamer, and I didn’t even know that’s what they were going to prepare from the beginning. So it was even more fascinating for me to watch them prepare this ancient, and rarely ever seen anymore Indian cooking technique. They first heated rocks in a hot fire. Then the next step is they fastened a leaf basket from a specific type of green leaf. When the rocks had heated for a few hours and were white hot, they dropped the leaves into the bottom of the leaf steamer, added in the cassava, wrapped it all in leaves, then added bamboo poles on the inside to feed in water in order to make then entire packet steam and smoke, and cook, all at the same time. The result was a flavor of cassava unlike anything else I’ve had. It was steamed, but had this incredible smokiness to it.

The fish was cooked differently, seasoned with chilies, and then wrapped into a banana leaf packet and tossed directly into the fire. That was cool too, and also delicious. But the highlight was the amazingly unique leaf basket steamer.

It was an honor to have this opportunity to meet, hang out, and learn from this Tribal community in Kerala, India. Thank you!

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Friends in the video:
Ebbin: https://www.instagram.com/foodntraveltv/
Joel: https://www.instagram.com/kru_joel/



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  1. Annie Low

    During the 2nd world war, we had no rice to eat, all we had was tapioca aka cassava to eat. The Kempetai took all our edibles so we had to improvise and make do with anything we could cultivare. They confiscated our animalsn left us with nothing. Tapioca grew fast we ate the leaves n the leaves of sweet potatoes, we tried to stretch what we had on pain of death
    Iremember I was jungey all the time

  2. Hanan Hanu

    I'm really scared about these west…because you guys steel and loot everything from innocent Indians.

  3. healinglife 999

    Mad respect to all you do, learning alot….

  4. The Dark -_- Lord

    I have seen a white guy from America eating so much peppers like Asian pple. Omg!

  5. shiva kumar ramagiri

    Let us know the traditional food of tribes in African countries

  6. Pinky Banerjee

    India next States wait new video marks

  7. Josh Zamorano

    My indian neighbor's mother made the best red curry goat with yogurt cucumber salad delicious

  8. Josh Zamorano

    That was some of the best hindi food I ever had

  9. Josh Zamorano

    This is great to be so close to nature

  10. Dean Hunter-Cutrona

    Really cool to see the primitive tech! Positive!

  11. Daisy Jacquiline

    You can see Kurichya community there.

  12. Ruth Owens

    The sloppy spinach ordinarily damage because corn invariably warn as a sturdy spleen. doubtful, sick sneeze

  13. agu mems

    I learn so much type of indoan cooking style.

  14. Phoidalin Khongyiang

    I woud like to invite Mark Wiens to come to Shillong, Meghalaya to have some taste of our chitni Tungtap and Tungrymbai.Thank you I love you.

  15. Phoidalin Khongyiang

    I woud like to invite Mark Wiens to come to Shillong, Meghalaya to have some taste of our chitni Tungtap and Tungrymbai.Thank you I love you.

  16. Margaret Gallegos

    How does he stay so thin. I’m watching him eat and I’m gaining weight. Lol

  17. Shelby Berryessa-Clayton

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  18. Darlene

    I kept thinking that's not enough food for Mark let alone 10 people lol.

  19. go getting

    I really miss Joel and ebbin has a new subscriber

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