Reality VS Food Bloggers | Curly Tales

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You have seen fancy posts by food bloggers & probably have a lot of friends who are food bloggers. But do you know the truth? The struggle, is real! Watch food bloggers here, unmasked!

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  1. mrhomesultan

    In two words, repeated and boring

  2. Mahi Tiwari

    Nice video. Touch to my channel to see my real photo

  3. Fun Food Tricks

    hehhe.. nice fun guys… I have tried a recipe for Independence day. Please show some love to this gareeb food blogger 😛

  4. Squishy

    0:56 who is he?? He’s so cute and innocent looking.

  5. foodbite lover

    Just waste its like insulting food bloggers who are good in this. Kindly dont make this type of videos.

  6. JillofAllTradez

    you guys make nice videos. But this is exaggeration. Lol.

  7. 20 Pisces

    Can anyone tell me y did d boy stare at d food at 1:07

  8. Y&S FOOD!

    Awesome video recording! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to detect this style of content. We produce Travel & Food films as well, all around the world, and also we are habitually looking to get inspirations and perhaps concepts. Thank You.

  9. Devyani

    I swear it so f@#₹ing annoying to go out with a food blogger or one who wants to become one…arrrgh

  10. Kiyana Munroe

    I enjoyed this, very funny because I can relate.

  11. Namita Lad

    And also there are people who won't order or eat anything but click pics of someone else's food and upload as if they are having it. So much fake things on insta

  12. Tintin r1

    There are good articles on snacks in bakewings blogs.just google bakewings blogs.

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  14. Tamanam Sudhir

    Well sometimes a little introspection into what we are doing is also good.

  15. Vishal Asrani

    M also a blogger can I join you all ?? vishal.a_foodblogger

  16. Pranesh Bhosle

    Please visit prince pizzeria house sahyadri nagar Kandivali west.,they have best non-veg pizza in Mumbai…..plz make video of their pizza

  17. Sanjay Vatekar

    aisey chutiya ladki ko ladke bhaav dete ..


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