Restaurant Management System (RMS)

Available for $99.00 Only

Features of RMS

Handling multiple customers 
Handling multiple waiters 
Handling multiple tables and zones 
Managing multiple stores 
Simple stock management 
Register report 
Products with taxes 
Discount (you can add a specific discount for every customer OR a discount for each sale) 
Reports (customers, product number) (monthly stats in the current or other years) … etc 
Clients or products report in a specific Range. 
Barcode scanner compatible (for the products and sales receipt) 
Print and save receipts 
Hold sales option 
On-Screen Keyboard (you enables or disabled in the setting page) 
Set Receipt Header and Footer. 
Optimized for best performance 
Kitchen page for a kitchen user 
Two new roles (waiter can access to only one restaurant – Kitchen can only see the kitchen page of a specific restaurant). 
Ability to print the menu on the product page, Steal Protected Inventory 
Running Orders in POS (Modify Running Order, Cancel Running Order) 
Most Interactive Kitchen Panel 
Bar Panel 
KOT Print for Only Modified Items 
Kitchen Performance Tracking 
Waste Tracking 
Most Selling Items Appears First in POS 
Pre and Post Payment Support 
Intelligent Item Search 
Small CRM 
Small HRM 
Migration Easy Software