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Cook along with me tonight as Basics takes a slightly healthier turn! Well, sort of: salads (albeit laden with bacon, cheese, and dressing) needn’t be the sleepy side dishes we know and begrudgingly eat. Let’s make them the main event tonight with panzanella, iceberg wedge, and caesar salads!

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  1. F34R_Shusty

    YO I live near keuka lake too! I subbed btw

  2. Matt B25

    Love your videos, but you really need to do a Studio Ghibli special!! Those movies have so much amazing food in them, i think you'd have a lot of fun figuring out what to make

  3. Jax

    Watching you throw away the stem end of the cuke made me remember – I'd really like to see you do a leftovers/vegetable odds and ends/food waste reduction episode

  4. Cors math

    Just fyi , "Ciliegine" is the translation of "little cherries", and it is the female italian version of the "ciliegini" which are similar shape as the mozzarella rounds.

  5. Lucy Skywalker

    Dear Babish, please make Pangalactic Gargleblaster drink from Hitch hikers guide to galaxy, with love.

  6. Trashawn Davis

    I think you should try to make the wheat cakes from the new spider man game using the recipe from his backpack

  7. x.cheefy. .peachy.x

    You should make the Triple Gooberberry Sunrise from Spongebob

  8. eric francisco

    Aunt May’s Wheatcakes from Spiderman. (Spider-Man game 2018)

  9. Trashawn Davis

    You should also make los pollos hermanos chicken from breaking bad

  10. Daniel Walace

    Do Wheatcake recipe from PS4 Spider-man game!

  11. TomPatelGaming

    Can you do the Mother Nature Burger from Krusty Burger The Simpsons?

  12. Christian Færch Henningsen

    I would love to some more dishise from food wars

  13. amabeauty92

    You should make liver and onions from Doug!

  14. beemerboomer

    Do spaghetti tacos from iCarly

  15. Xisstillalive

    Can you try to make happy plums from courage the cowardly dog???

  16. -Kent Trieu-

    Please make Aunt May’s Wheat Cake recipe from Spider-Man PS4, the recipe is in the game.

  17. StormoTheBrave

    can you make peters shepards pie he tells you all of the ingredients.

  18. ken ben

    hey babish what model of range do you use?

  19. Divya Sood

    omg yes finally: he's gonna make studio ghibli foods!!!!

  20. Jamie Berg

    The true holy trinity is BwB, Matty Matheson, and Brad Leone. Every quarter century, their souls are combined to form Brabby-Matheleone; one single big-boy soul to save humanity.

  21. Neil Sanagustin

    Can you do a video on spaghetti tacos from iCarly?

  22. Omar Mohamed

    Can you please recreate itchiraku ramen from naruto

  23. Felicity Johnson

    you should make homers sandwich from the episode where marge is the mayor!

  24. This is a name

    I would really like to see a hot wings episode from regular show

  25. Unicycling To The Moon

    It’s odd how much more interesting this is now that I have a job as a cook… I used to watch this just cause why not, but now I’m like “oh my gosh, I use that at work every day!”

  26. Unicycling To The Moon

    Why would you name a restaurant roux? One time I tasted that cause I was curious and I was like nope nope nope

  27. Erron Black

    I’ve never had a wedge salad so I assumed you were going to pick up one of those things and eat it. Deeply saddened when I saw you with a fork and knife. I guess grabbing that wedge with your hand should be saved for home and not a restaurant.

  28. Wet Paperbag

    You mentioned you really liked pickled stuff, you should do a crossover vid with Brothers Green Eats. They could teach you all about pickling goodies.

  29. Napalm Ka1 Gaming

    Highlight of the stream was that beginning music

  30. Delta Project

    I don't even like salads but this guy is very good at making videos and I very much enjoy watching him cook. I come acrossed one of his videos on Facebook I always stop and watch it even if it's something that I have no interest in making ever

  31. Harry Smith

    Could you release the recipe before the live stream and say the date/ what to do to prepare so everyone, who wants to, can cook along with you. Thought that would be cool.

  32. Claire K.

    Anyone have tips on how to get into cooking? I've been wanting to get into it but I never have time and I have the smallest kitchen ever…

  33. TalynCo

    Did the video desync for anyone else at 1:19:36?

  34. king_cryptic

    Chicken ceasar salad would be great

  35. User

    Nothing like cooking while watching a basics with babish video

  36. o.lumma22

    dude i couldn't stop looking at that little glass in the corner


    tossed sallads and scraaambled eggs

  38. Cookies Mug

    I fall asleep watching these. No disrespect just saying

  39. Slug Eater

    How did a salad video become a 2 hour stream?

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