Shimla Food Walk – Part 2/3 I 117 Years old sweet shop + 94 Years old pickle shop + FREE Langar

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After exploring the local food scene at The Mall Road and the Middle bazaar, we descended to the Lower bazaar to try some of the popular local delicacies. With crowded lanes lined with shops selling everything from wooden items, winter clothes to mobile phones and vegetables, this buzzing marketplace, is the main shopping destination for the visitors, locals and villagers.

Here at Lower Bazaar, one can buy affordable and inexpensive daily products. Hence the shopping scenario here is less sophisticated than its upper counterpart for it was meant to cater to the needs of the common public. It also has a huge sabzi mandi, a delightful place full of fresh fruits and veggies. The street food culture here is a mix of traditional delicacies and popular fast food influences. Hence along with Savitoj we are on a gastronomic joyride at this part of the town. Don’t miss out on the end where the humble culinary experience transcends into a humane experience.

We began our journey from the sabzi mandi or the vegetable market. The crowded narrow lanes were lined with shops selling fragrant fruits and fresh vegetables. Here we spotted the lingdu or the Fiddlehead greens, a quintessentially local vegetable-essentially a fern- that is commonly consumed in this region.

We then arrived at the 117 years old sweet shop Meher Chand and Bros whose legacy is a testimony of the bygone era when colonial rule was at its peak. It is still one of the most sought after sweet shops in Shimla. Here we tried three different sweetmeats-chocolate(milk burfi with no trace of chocolate), panjiri ladoo and meshu-that were pretty good. We also picked up some historical anecdotes about the place from the owner.

After the pure ghee stuff it was time to savour some lip smacking pickles and preserves from another legendary place known as Thakur Bhrata. This shop too is a very old establishment that is coveted for its traditionally prepared pickles that are made with good quality ingredients. We tried four things of which the Amla and Gajar ka Murabba were simple yet phenomenal.

From there we went to our next stop Drigen Chinese Fast Food Corner, an inconspicuous veg eatery that is immensely popular with the young crowd. Here we had delicious momos and an interesting go to snacks called Kurkej which was essentially super tasty fried veggie sticks.

Next was the turn of a veg hotdog from a small roadside stall. It was the yummy chutney and the well made potato patties that made it a tasty treat.

At last we arrived at the Kamala Nehru Hospital premises to experience the langar service there run by the charitable organisation Almighty Blessings. They serve free meals in the evening to all visitors. Savitoj informed us how the local communities like schools, restaurants etc contribute effectively in the functioning of this heartwarming initiative. We also visited the kitchen, took part in the service and at the end relish the simple meal of rice dal and roti. Its was a surreal feeling to learn about this selfless acts of kindness and compassion. The food was superlative as it was served with such love and care.

We thank Savitoj for guiding us in this amazing exploration in and around the Lower Bazaar.

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    Huge respect for my Sikh brothers …

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  6. Harneek Chawla

    I saw many people praising Sikkh community for endless service and feeding people 365 days. Funny part is whole Media now calling us "Anti-national and Khalistan ". When we ask for our rights we get tags and when we question Govt. become Anti National wah Godi ji Wah.

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    Nice concept,I also want to participate.

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    What is the music played in between.. Awesome.. Pls let me know

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    U like veg …u like non-veg…….but the best part u love n respect the food and religion…….keep exploring bro…

  11. HD Sharma

    I'm from Shimla and happy to see that first time someone has so thoroughly explored the market and food of Shimla. Really proud on u Pajji and what u all r doing is a great blessing for all of us.

  12. Shitesh thakur

    Langar is good cause for humanity.

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