SOLENN VS ERWAN Banana Cake Battle

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Solenn and i are back at it again and putting our easy moist Banana Cake recipes to the test.

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  1. Ash A

    I like your accent. Can u say it again?

    Erwan: we went to paleyngkee

  2. なつじゅん

    maraming vitamins yan un laway nila

  3. Banks Din

    tito erwan lahat ng videos mo pinapanood ko

  4. tina tan

    feeling sexy lagi yan babae super oa


    who came here after the best banana recipe of erwan? is this the origin of brown butter ?

  6. Rommel Matias

    Your vlogs are so good. So enticing. Makes me hungry and crave all the time. So cute with your sister and brother in law around and ofcourse with your wife too.

  7. karenn joy calosa

    I take it back. I prefer you not organic but white. Lol. Hi to dahlia, anne and mommy ni anne and all in au.

  8. Lika Craft

    I enjoyed this sibling cook off.

  9. Go girl!

    She used to be fat, that’s why her head got bigger! I find her nasty and annoying!!

  10. CheeseCake

    Thanks to Youtube video recommendations.

  11. Nerissa Mae

    Nico’s Knight Velasquez and Erwan’s Valerian Volzki and Wil’s as Shun Kim omg!

  12. JiPeh

    So your here too huh. I know that most of the viewers in this video are male and they thought that the woman on the thumbnail wasnt wearing any clothes except only apron……

    If u had thought of that were the same

  13. John LAo

    To more cook off series!! Solenn taking erwan down in cooking hahaahah

  14. Hummin Bird

    That's funny. Nico, "Now that I can see".

  15. Elyza Segura

    Is the taste is not sour when i use sour cream?

  16. allergic to bullshit

    Solenn is really a competitive woman and I love it.

  17. Shania Saba

    Sibling cook off but your babies will decide HAHAAHAAHHAHA.

  18. Foodie In The Struggle

    I just lost my job because of the pandemic, so I started a YouTube cooking channel. Wish me luck!!

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