South American Food – EXOTIC DELICACY in Cusco, Peru! | Peruvian Food Tour!

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Eating Guinea Pigs in the Andes Mountains regions of South America is a long and special tradition. They’ve been raised and eaten for thousands of years, and to this day, they remain very popular, and reserved for special meals. The city of Cusco, Peru, and the surrounding areas is one of the best places in Peru to eat guinea pig, known locally as cuy. #Cusco #Peru #PeruvianFood

In this Peruvian cuy tour, we ate three different guinea pigs in a row:

1. San Pedro Market – Right in the heart of Cusco is San Pedro Market, a wonderful Peruvian food market with everything you can imagine. In the morning you’ll find quite a few vendors selling to-go guinea pigs. We had this first, but it wasn’t the best of the day.

2. Tipón, Peru – For our guinea pig number two we drove to Tipón, a town that claims to be a “National Capital of Delicious Baked Guinea Pig.” We headed straight for Cuyeria Monica, where she baked a fresh cuy, bubbled the skin, and served us the full cuy Peruvian food plates. Fresh out of the oven, with the crispy skin, it was incredibly delicious. 35 PEN ($10.61) – Price per cuy

3. Cuyeria Sol Moqueguano – Back to the center of Cusco, we tried a famous restaurant for cuy, Cuyeria Sol Moqueguano, where they have both baked and deep fried. This was an incredible meal, the deep fried version was sensational. The entire plate, including the sausage and rocoto relleno, was outstanding. 42 PEN ($12.73) – Per per cuy

It was a fantastic Peruvian food day in Cusco, and a learning experience.



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  1. Marcos Castillo

    Never watch this videos at bed time! Is late I’m hungry no where to go!


    you dont need to eat that rocoto, you insane mdfkr

  3. SonKings

    This is your most boring vlog yet. I mean you guys must have had like 10 guinea pigs. Not sure how you did this!loll!!!

  4. Pedro Quispe Nina

    Dios, no puedo más ver como disfruta de la cuy cusqueño ,muy buen vídeo Benvingut al Cusco saludos desde L’hospitalet de llobregat -Barcelona

  5. Elmer Valverde

    OMG Really? They are eating ROCOTO? in the natural way?

  6. Edgar Alvarez

    The guy with glasses is that PeeWee?

  7. Dev

    Would love to try that chilli..

  8. cochi komatsu

    Bien causa quien te patrocina los viajes o sale de tu bolsillo

  9. Cori Parrott

    Smash the glass on the ground like Thor and say Another!!!

  10. Cori Parrott

    Remember on Faceoff with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage was the bad guy?. Remember Nicholas cages crazy brother with the glasses? That's who that guy reminds me of.

  11. Luz Vilca

    Omg!! I love picante but this too much.

  12. Roberto Bernales

    I’m Peruvian I love cuy but don’t show me the whole animal. I like small pieces of that.

  13. Jhon F

    Este es y será el mejor video que haya visto en mi vida. Me acuerdo que viajé a Cusco viendo estos videos para informarme. Gracias mark.

  14. El cielo infinito

    It's wonderful place…I love it..cuy

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