Special Chicken Curry (Pakistani Style )

Special Chicken Curry with Curry leaves.
chicken 600 gms (half kg )
oil 1/2 cup
yogurt 2 tbsp
onion 1 large fine chopped
tomato puree 1 cup
dry roasted cumin pwd 1 tsp
salt 1 tsp
red chili pwd 1 tsp
turmeric 1/2 tsp
coriander pwd 1 tbsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
cloves 4
black pepper 1/2 tsp
cinimmon stick 1 inch
bay leaves 2 small
( green chilies 2 chopped
ginger chopped jullienne 2 tbsp
garlic half bunch chopped
curry leaves 5 ) chopped these 4 ingredients in a chopper
green chilies slit 4
coriander 2 tbsp
curry leaves 10
first chop all 4 ingredients mentioned above
then pour oil in a pan and add onion and saute it.
add chopped mixture of G.G.G and curry leaves in it.
mix it well and then add curry leaves and whole garam masala in it.
cook it 1 min and then add chicken.
cook it for 2 minutes or until all water of chicken will evaporate.
now add tomato puree and ground spices except garam masala pwd.
we will add it in last.
mix and cook it on med flame for another 2 ,3 mins.
then add yogurt in it.
mix and cook another min.
after that when oil comes out on top add 1 glass water to cook the chicken completely.
adjust gravy as per your desire.
it will take 10 mins only .then sprinkle garam masala and coriander leaves on top with slit green chilies
simmer it for 1 min and serve with rice or naan.


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  1. Niqabi Vlogs

    wao.. MASHALLAH.. luks yummy.. thank you for this

  2. Mani Chaudhary

    Nice sis..I like your yummy respie

  3. Umar Khan

    aapka chopper konsa h mam bataiye plzz

  4. Kyle Noe

    It's difficult to distinguish the precise moment that she shifts from speaking fast unintelligible Urdu and speedily spitting out equally unintelligible English.

  5. Mr. Dekim

    Chiken ka salan bnanay ki recepie hr aik ki different q hoti ha?

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  7. Rajeshwari More

    Very nice and simple recipe. Thanks

  8. Shashank Dhiman

    Bhut khub madam its delicious. I am from india.

  9. Muhammad Haris

    waaaaw superb Zabardast bohat asani se samjhaya..
    I will try today in sha Allah… Jazak Allah kher..

  10. Summaiya syed

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  11. Shashank Dhiman

    It's dilcias mam. LOVE from India.

  12. Chocolate Cheesecake

    Its very good but there is not enough spices. I useally put 6 cups of oil and 8 green chili, I also need to put a whole tub of curry powder in to give it the extrodinary taste.

  13. drsleep

    Turned out delicious. Thanks!

  14. Haneef Qaazee

    Thank you very much Baitee!

  15. Lakhwinder Singh

    Meheraz cooking ji slam chicken pickle resipy bataey

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    wounderful recipe we love this

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    Didi Aapka ye dish dekhne me lajavb he

  18. Tyler gonzalez

    My mom was married to a man from Pakistan and we ate this is pita bread shit was so good

  19. I AM BOSS

    Awesome recipe will try today and let you know

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