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Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week’s Basics with Babish episode. This is the live stream for the 6th episode: Stock & Chicken Noodle Soup. Sorry for the quality guys – streamed from a cabin in Vermont so this is the best I could do!

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  1. Cine Pile Podcast

    Who else is super intrigued about what happened in Nebraska?

  2. Hearted

    Can you do quesadillas on the next basics with babish

  3. VampFaye

    Explaining what DSL is… classic! Just glad you were able to stream on that ancient internet format…Chicken soup is awesome, Babish style makes it the best soup…EVER!

  4. Chad Holland

    I cut my onion in half then I soak them in water for a few minutes. It helps a lot.

  5. insomgineer

    i cringe a bit regarding how much veg he throws out. But I still love the videos!

  6. Tyler

    You live in Harlem, a basketball hotbed and home of the Harlem Globetrotters. Can we get a Ballin' with Babish series or what?

  7. Victor Moss

    took an hour and 13 mins to notice the colors were shit :/

  8. Miranda Libres

    I really want a corned beef cabbage video!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. VDuro1


  10. Jonelis Jonkelis

    ICHIRAKU RAMEN !!! (from Nartuto) i beg you!!!

  11. oniros80

    For Artie's rabbit recipe, have you checked the Sopranos cookbook compiled by Artie? I know we used to have copies on hand here at the club with the other merch but I don't see any now. I assume they sold out.

  12. Ashleigh

    I eat the celery leaves…is that weird?

  13. Ashleigh

    Honestly, Berney would not make a good president. I don't like him, nor Hillary. Hell, I'm not a huge fan of Trump but I did vote for the carrot head. And I'm not ashamed of that. But to each his own. Everyone is entitled to his opinion :). Awesome video! It's ALMOST the exact same way I make my homemade chicken soup/broth. The best part in my opinion is when after making WAY to much soup then freazing the soup for a few months. Take it out, warm it up and OH MY GOD it's so good lol

  14. Shetasen

    Wine in chicken noodle soup is heavenly and used often during certain Chinese holidays in my house. Its added last from what i remember the chicken itself has been soaked in it. It clears up the sinuses and wakes you up. I wasn't a fan of it as a kid, but as an adult the added alcoholic burn enhances the spicy effects to the ginger and the white pepper. It also makes the smell so much richer.

  15. PettyLaBelleSmiles

    What day is your next live stream??

  16. Demmi Guevara

    The parsnips you added would make the soup taste sweeter especially towards the end of winter since they spent so much time developing extra sugars to keep warm in the cold ground during winter.

  17. daviddet

    Now that I finally have money for food, I made the soup following your instructions, and you're totally right. No other soup is quite the same after this.

  18. Michelle Chapman

    Whoopsies! Midnight Moon is made by Cypress Grove, not Cowgirl Creamery. Though Cowgirl Creamery also makes wonderful cheeses (Red Hawk & Mt. Tam are easily accessible and divine)

  19. Michael DeLeon

    I'd love that kitchen tools upkeep episode if you're still up for it!!!

  20. djrx22

    The part about the balding changed my life…TY

  21. Tomatron


  22. Snack Gremlin

    How much water is in the stock

  23. Carrie

    He has a little bit of soup in his ginger

  24. Chromatic

    babish, i know you dont need the advice, but try not boiling the water so much, you're kiling a lot of nutritional value from the veggies and chicken by boiling at too high heat

  25. C.Michelle Sparks

    Without the chat replay it's like a crazy man talking to himself! Lol

  26. Chris Simpson

    I generally like to dice, season with a tiny bit of smoked paprika and give my chicken a quick sear in a pan before I toss it in the soup for a bit of added flavour and I find it retains more of he juices in the chicken (the stock has more than enough chicken flavouring in it already) and less scum and fat gets into the soup. I also find the best cooked noodles happen when you've finished making the soup and it's piking hot (I spend hours simmering my soup thought) and toss the noodles in and recover and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. They cook perfectly and I find the starch thickens the soup as it cools. remove the lid and stir it a bit as it cools down for a bit more thickening and then serve.

    Personally I only like to serve my soup when it's cooled enough to eat comfortable where it's hot but not hot enough to burn your tongue. That's the absolute worst. Spend hours combining flavours only to burn your tongue and taste none of it. It also gets it to the perfect consistency and lets the flavours settle.

    Love your channel! My no means is this "advice" just my personal methods that I find work out nicely.

  27. Mike Ock

    some shithtake mushsromes would be good in in tzhat

  28. Fernando Morales

    Looks delicious!! Try adding a few drops of key lime and taste the difference!!!

  29. Alexandra Connaughton

    Did you use a particular type of carrot for this?

  30. Worry Merrorty

    Babish please when you cut your vegetables for stock think about surface area

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