Sardar Foods Johar Town Lahore (To Order Call 0331-1110200)

Main Blvd, Block R1 Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan - 54782


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Restaurant Info

Sardar Foods Restaurant Johar Town Lahore:

Sardar Foods Johar Town Lahore

Firstly, Sardar Foods Restaurant Johar Town Lahore offers you desi food. Our Sardar Foods Restaurant always provides a good level of service to it, customers, because it is so important to attract many customers to visit again. Also,  We provide a high standard of food quality and ensure that guests are getting the same high quality in every meal. Similarly, we serving good quality food can earn the restaurant a reputation and compel the customers to return visit.


 Sardar Food Restaurant process orders very accurately, nicely, and quickly furthermore they want the restaurant to prepare delicious fresh food.


Anda Shami Burger

Chicken Burger

Chicken Cheese Burger

Zinger Burger

Chicken Shawarma

Zinger Shawarma

Plater Shawarma

Dahi Barry

Fruit Chaat

Channa Chaat

Goll Gappy


Cheese Paratha Roll

Tikka Boti Paratha Roll

Malai Paratha Roll

Chicken Cheese Sandwich

Kalab Sandwich

Shammi Sandwich

Our Team

At Sardar Foods Restaurant, team member duties are preparing food.

Team Responsibilities:

Greet customers and take orders.

Maintain a quick service speed.

Keep work area clean and free from spills or other trash.

Cook food items according to company procedures.

Follow all safety and health regulations.

Collect money and account for all cash in the register at end of the shift.

Clean your Restaurant

Be happy and punctual


Finally, Sardar Foods Restaurant is located in Kalyar Rd, Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan.

Food Quality

Sardar Foods Restaurant provides high-quality food. For instance, This is the best way to attract more customers to your restaurant. Always taste-test your food so that you know how it tastes and you know your customers will like it. But, If you serve food that may not be delicious for your customers, you’ll end up losing them.

In conclusion, The only way you can be remembered by your customers is by giving them some unique Food in your restaurant.

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