Street Food Balochistan!! 🌶️ SPICY CHICKEN CHEF + Visiting MARS in Chabahar, Iran!

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CHABAHAR, IRAN – Chabahar is located in the very southeastern corner of Iran, along the Gulf of Oman, in the Baluchestan (Balochistan) province of Iran. In this video, we ate a bunch of Balochi street food around Chabahar, and visited some of the unique Martian Mountain landscapes. It was another amazing day in Iran! #Iran #Chabahar #streetfood

Thank you to Salam Chabahar ( and Dor Baluch ( for hosting us and for so much hospitality in Chabahar, Iran.

For this Iranian street food tour of Chabahar, Balochistan, we started in the heart of the city, with a classic breakfast – paratha and a variety of curries. Amazing food, delicious breakfast. We then continued through the main Chabahar Market and on to taste some Chabahar biryani, followed by some of the famous Chabahar bananas.

Martian Mountains – Chabahar, Iran – This is one of the most unique landscapes in Iran, and in the world. The mountains, known as the Martian Mountains, might be as close to Mars as we will ever get. They are truly unique and spectacular especially because of the lack of vegetation so you can see every geographical shape and pattern.

Kebabs – We then continued on to eat kebabs for lunch and fried fish – an amazing meal. The food was to me a mix of Middle Eastern and Persian, all over hot rice smothered in butter and sour orange. An outstanding meal in Chabahar, must eat at when you are there.

Chabahar is a street food paradise at night, because the sun is so hot during the day. You’ll find kebabs galore, and a dish called haleem, a porridge of beans / lentils, and what makes it for me are the toppings of fried shallots, fresh chilies, and lime juice. So amazing I had to have two bowls. We continued eating more street food Chabahar, to wrap up this amazing food day in Chabahar, Iran!

Thank you to Ghasr Setareh ( for arranging our trip to Iran.

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  1. Rajnarayan Patra

    I am currently in isolation as I have covid, this is making my mouth water


    He is very kind. I never heard a food that is bad in taste from his mouth

  3. Odramarth

    Dam 4:33 AM in Portugal and im seeing this… I have to eat too.

  4. Archer Warden

    hey mark i saw some of your video but never seen eat khoresh sabzi or some people call it ghorme sabzi too? This is one of legendry foods

  5. Bannedone To be seen

    MaShaAllah the Haleem looked delicious ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Weso Taki

    There food quality is like 3 out of 10

  7. Muhammad Abbas

    Lot's of Love to Iran from Balochistan Pakistan

  8. Muneer Ahmed

    perfect and delicious recipe for a cardiac arrest

  9. Barak Bloushi

    Daleem with onion ginger lemon juice and green chillies .

  10. Free Information

    As a Pakistani I did not know that Iranis from Balochistan part of Iran wore shalwar kameez

  11. Nika Boyce

    such lovely people, fascinating landscapes, delicious food and truly amazing light. Its almost the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere when I write this so I am very envious of the brightness of their days.

  12. DomInic Cerro

    Are there women in Balochistan?


    iran mai pakistani balochistan ki biryani kaha sai agai

  14. Tarun Simha

    Amazing and happy ppl…love the food and the ppl who make it.

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