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Street Food in Balochistan – GOLD STUFFED LAMB + INSANE BBQ Meat Tour of Chabahar, Iran!!!

Street Food in Balochistan - GOLD STUFFED LAMB + INSANE BBQ Meat Tour of Chabahar, Iran!!!

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Today, we’re going for a RARE Street food WHOLE Lamb and BBQ MEAT Tour in Chabahar, Balochistan, Iran! Balochistan is a region that covers area in both Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, and features some of the best street food in the WORLD! That’s why we traveled here to taste it, especially the whole STUFFED LAMB!

►Thank you to Salam Chabahar for hosting us in Chabahar, Iran!
►Thank you to Dor Baluch Guesthouse for hosting us in Chabahar! Check them out if you’re traveling to Chabahar:

Today, Mr. Taster and Ehsan are bringing us in for a WHOLE Balochi style stuffed GOLD Lamb and some AMAZING Chicken Sajji! This is all Balochistan style street food that you’re going to love!

First up, Mr. Taster is bringing us into the local morning market to try some INCREDIBLE Balochi morning street food, like samosa and fried potato. It was very similar to street food in Pakistan and street food in India.

And next up, we’re going to try the WHOLE STUFFED LAMB, Balochi style! The tanorche stuffed lamb is a true specialty of this region of Balochistan and Iran and we were lucky to get to taste it! Found at Tanorche Eslam!
This was a little bit similar to the stuffed lamb in quetta that we had last time for our Pakistan street food series! Both were very delicious!

We watched the whole cooking process for the whole goat and watched how it was stuffed with rice and stuffed bell peppers! The whole lamb recipe was INSANE! It was cooked underground for 2 hours and then pulled out and was incredibly smoky and juicy!

And then we went for WHOLE CHICKEN SAJJI! This was quite similar to the Chicken sajji in Quetta as well! There was a lot of SECRET MASALA!

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The Food Ranger on December 18, 2019

HUGE Thanks to Mr. Taster and and for helping make this trip possible!!! Iran has some of the BEST food in the world!! Please watch until the end cause there is some INSANE MEAT in this video you're going to love! Please leave me a comment down below, I would love to hear from you, thanks so much for watching!!!

Leila Golbala on July 11, 2021

چقدر مردم سیستان بلوچستان مهربان وبا محبت ساده هستند لعنت بر خامنه ای که اینقدر به اینها ظلم کرده

Naveed Ur rehman on July 12, 2021

Why Mr taster as so fat then food ranger ,even both are eating same .
What is the secret of food ranger fitness ??

Reclusive soul🍂 on July 14, 2021

Love my iranian baloch😘🌹

Ace Asman on July 15, 2021

Settle masaalah 🤣

Khalid Mohammedi on July 17, 2021

All these are made by Afghanistan.👈🇦🇫👈

Khalil Iddaou on July 24, 2021

Un vrai régal

PashaKhan1 on August 5, 2021

Iran 🇮🇷 Hospitality was the best hospitality in the whole world I ever seen….

Rohan Tayeng on August 13, 2021

whenever i see trevor james videos my mouth waters..!!i watch it over n over again..!!very sad he isnt uploading videos frequently now..!coz pandemic..!😖

A B on August 17, 2021

How much did the roast lamb cost?

V G Vignesh on August 22, 2021


Khadiga khanom on August 22, 2021

Sitar in low like very very very smaile

white tiger on August 26, 2021

Iran should had over this sunni majority balouchistan to pakistan.

Deep Sleeping Center on August 30, 2021

This people are not Baluch in 2nd part of video

Aashi Kitchen Foods on September 1, 2021

Very beautiful vlog

Aashi Kitchen Foods on September 1, 2021

Wow very amazing

Bet Low on September 7, 2021

I love Iranian food with lots of herbs spices saffron… thank you so much for sharing.

Mohammad Najib on September 16, 2021

the nokia ringtone at 11:42 tho <3

MAMOUT A on September 25, 2021

I feel good for Pakistanis. They’re so close to chabahar

Imran Khan on September 25, 2021

Same like Pakistani 😲

M Somalzei on September 29, 2021

بلوچ زندگ بی

Arceus Lee on September 29, 2021

And I thought they were Pakistanis 😂😂

Mohammad Yusuf on October 3, 2021


IRAN PERSIA on October 6, 2021


Robin Baloch on October 6, 2021

It's not iran it's sistan balochistan, and Baloch people are good generous in hospitality remember please

Munte Kald on October 8, 2021

I wish I could visit Iran

Fawad ahmad on November 10, 2021

Bro this is Pakistan why are you saying Iran

Will W on November 12, 2021

Vicarious meat sweats engaged!

M UMER MALIK on November 13, 2021

Is this in Pakistan baluchistan??
I loved the lamb alot .Mouth watering

M UMER MALIK on November 13, 2021

Ohh Chabahar .I am Pakistani and shall visit this place Soon❤..Can you please mention the name of the restaurant or Makers?

Musafir Ali on November 15, 2021

Balochistan is 🇦🇫💛💚❤💙

Ana Bagheri on November 19, 2021


@Loikhyo jyoti Kurmi on December 30, 2021

To kaiso ho bhai 😂😂

Schwaib Ken on January 19, 2022

It’s the Baloachi Saji the ethnic food , originated by Baloachs. Very good video representation of this great 😊 dish. Thanks for sharing

Amir Yousefi on January 24, 2022

چقدر بده سر سفره اینقدر حرف بزنی

Rohallah Amirimoghadam on February 8, 2022

دم شماگرم.واقعاًتوکف غذاهابودم ودهانم آب افتاد

شادی کیانی on February 10, 2022

فوق العاده زیبا

Noman Jahangir on February 22, 2022

Brother you need to put the country name that's Pakistan 👈not caty 🤔👍

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