STREET FOOD IN HUNZA – Chap Shuro, Hoilo Garma – Food Of Gilgit Baltistan + Baltit Fort & Eagle Nest

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First Part of Hunza Series

Third Part Of This Series Will Come Soon

Hum Gilgit Baltistan Ke Hain By Salman Paras–Djg

Telenor Rawan


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  1. Dr Balti སྦལ་འཐུས

    Did you try Momos (Dumplings) there?? That's special steam cooked samosa type item used in winters in Gilgit Nepal China etc

  2. Bbushra bsh work

    Bhai hm bhi bnaty han pan cake ni saraiki me poa ya chilrha bolty han desi ghee me

  3. Muhammed Naveed

    food ranger also eat the two aunties hut food

  4. Samreen jiskani

    Bhai mjhy bhe hunza jany ka bht shok hai

  5. Adnan Yameen

    Can any one guide me how to reac there from lahore through public transport and what would be expenses

  6. Akbar Hussain

    I am a balti and you should also visit Skardu,Barah and Khaplu which will amazed you in your lifetime

  7. Saima Hanif

    Love your videos….n this one is amazing…

  8. Xaibi Moto Vlogs

    Bhai apki vdo daikh ka mjha apna trip ke yadain tazaa hogain. Main October ma gya ta best place in world no doubt .

  9. Rajeev Kohli

    This is really very tempting place to visit. You must have enjoyed a lot watching great. scenic places as well as traditional cuisines.

  10. Heer heer

    Ye Pakistan ka wo youtuber hai jiski her video dhoond dhoond ker dekhne ka maza ata ❤️

  11. Faisal khan Khan

    Bohot khubsurat jagain Allah or kamyabi dai I. M. AsifAli .

  12. Ahmad Ahtezaz

    Bhai inka khana ainda na khana ye log sb non muslims ha ye sb haram ha me waha ja chuka hu ap ko is chez ka khiyal rkhna chaiye tha. May be apko is bat ka pta na hu

  13. Ashok Kumar

    Putni deya eh india da hissa lai tenu pakistan nai lagda

  14. Fun time at home

    I have a challenge for you I have seen all your videos if u accept my challenge please reply to known what the challenge is?

  15. Qudsia Sajjad

    Hello Humza how are you I’m leaving in london I saw your vedios that was so good camera quality is so good too and clear I’m waiting for your reply your vedio I like it

  16. Dr D R

    clean air….lovely food and happy disposition must be contributing to the longevity of hunzakuts ….i really love the views from both baltit and altit forts…..

  17. Khalil Ahmad

    حمزہ بھای ابھی آپ نے کوسو پوسو ٹھوسو نہیں کھایا بڑی زبردست ڈِش ہے اگر ٹرائی کریں مجھے ضرور بتانا کیسا لگا

  18. Khalil Ahmad

    ایک انکی ڈِش ہے ڈوڈو پین دی سری پلیز ضرور ٹرائی کرنا

  19. mountain soul

    This is real taste of hunza. Salute you guys for having the traditional organic food of hunza.

  20. buetiful prince

    you are awesome dude loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you soo much

  21. mohsin ali

    Video editing bkwas th chkr aa gae

  22. Angel Pari

    i am feeling very bad after this vlog because i am from gilgit baltistan and most of the information given in this video was wrong

  23. M U S T A F A K H A N

    bacha ka accent se pata chal rha tha ka karachi ka bai

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