Street Food in Malaysia – LEMONGRASS Whole Chicken BBQ + Best MALAY Food Tour Road Trip!!!

We’re bringing you for a HUGE Street Food Tour and Malay Food Tour of the East Coast of Malaysia!!!
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Today we’re going on a FULL ON road trip street food tour of the east coast of Malaysia from Terengganu to Kota Bharu, Kelantan!
Get ready for some INCREDIBLE STREET FOOD in Malaysia!! Malaysia has some delicious street food and in this food video, we’re bringing you in for some of the best street food in the world!! You’re going to love these street food videos on my channel (The Food Ranger), so make sure to click the subscribe button to see more of these food vlogs!

Today, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) traveling along with my wife Ting and bringing you in for a FULL ON street food tour on our road trip from Terengganu to Kota Bharu in Kelantan!

Today we’re bringing you in for 7 street foods! And first up, we’re stopping at perhaps one of the most famous street foods of Terengganu, the Nasi Minyak!!
►Restaurant name: Nasi minyak @ Pasar Chabang Tiga

After this , we’re starting the drive up to Kota Bharu! Along the way, we found quite a few street foods! Next up, we are stopping at a beach side street food market and found a traditional Malay street food dessert!
►LOCATION: Pantai Penarik, Kampung Penarik,
22120 Permaisuri, Terengganu

And then after this, before arriving in Kota Bharu, we found right on the side of the street one of the MOST INCREDIBLE BBQ Chicken stalls in the world, the Ayam Tempayan!
Name: Ayam Tempayan

►Address: Jln Haji Omar, Kampung Raja, Terengganu

And next up, right when we arrived in Kota Bharu, we hit the local street food market to see what street foods to find! We found 3 incredible street foods in the Market. One was the pulut bakar grilled sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf, another was the onde onde local Malaysian kuih, and the other was the MOST UNIQUE EGG VOLCANO pancake!
►Location: Pasar Gok Kapor

And then, to finish up the night, we’re bringing you in for Nasi Kukus!!! The ULTIMATE Mixed rice and curry!!!


I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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  1. The Food Ranger

    I hope you enjoy the video!!! We are now back to KL and have 4 more videos for you in the next few weeks! Malaysia is going through another spike and we are at home in KL cooking lots of cheesecake and staying positive! Next week is our final episode of our East Coast Series, part 7 of 7! Then we have 3 more videos from Melaka, Malaysia! Follow along behind the scenes for our updates! I hope you're staying healthy and safe during these times!

  2. Syam Din

    luv this pal. nice work bro

  3. Mohamad Husni Wahid

    enjoyed the show. thank you for promoting even Malaysians are not aware the location of such dishes.

  4. Nehemiah Yap

    The fact that you said "bakar-ed" shows that you've been Malaysianised already haha

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  6. Mohd Rafi

    Love to read all positive comments❤️. Food is really the key of happiness

  7. Ivana Moreira

    Esse programa é muito bom! Sou fã. Queria uma camisa com o nome do programa, onde encontro para comprar?

  8. Benson Cordeiro

    Food ranger: 3:42
    Guy: Canada does not have delicious food (3:37)

  9. Sufyan Ali

    Lebih mantap makanan indonesia, sate, rendang, nasi goreng sudah mendunia bahkan pernah memuncak sebagai makanan terenak dunia

  10. pongs tv

    mouth watering especially the fried chicken i really love it ohhh, i love watching food show oh man, wanna eat Malaysian food

  11. Mohamed Abdullah

    Wow Malaysia looks delicious….I think this is the best food destination

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    Come back to Indonesia please

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    I am new here i hope you will come to me too

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    Eeeemmmmmmmm eeeeemmm….mmmmmmm

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    That road side lemongrass whole chicken so humble and so precious <3

  17. Eijun Sawamura

    I don’t like it when you receive foods for free.

  18. Erny R. Wijayanti

    This video make me more realize that Malaysia and Indonesia is similar. That onde-onde in Indonesia we called it “kelepon”, but we also have name “onde-onde” for different food.

  19. Arian Rashid

    Please visit Bangladesh again when its possible

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