Street Food in Malaysia – ULTIMATE MALAYSIAN FOOD in Kuala Lumpur!

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Huge thank you to Fadhlur for reaching out and taking us on a Malaysian street food tour of Kuala Lumpur. It was an amazing day, and I have so much love to Malaysia as it was one of the first countries where I started making street food videos – as you’ll see in the video!

Ok, here are all the street food stalls and restaurants we ate at on this tour:

Mansion Tea Stall
The thing to order here is the roti canai special, roti that chopped up, then doused in a variety of curry sauces, sambal, and a few soft boiled eggs. It’s a perfect way to begin your day in Kuala Lumpur. Price – 2.80 RM ($0.68) per plate

Nasi Lemak Tanglin
Nasi lemak is often considered the national food of Malaysia, and there are plenty of places to eat it throughout Kuala Lumpur. Having been around since 1948, Nasi Lemak Tanglin is a place I had wanted to go for a while. It was overall very good, with a nice laid back atmosphere and surrounded by nature. Nasi lemak – about 8 RM ($1.94) per plate

Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka (Jalan Bellamy)
One of my favorite places to eat ikan bakar, grilled fish, is on Jalan Bellamy. Back in 2012, I had to hike over a highway and climb a few fences to get there as I was only on foot. In this video, I’m a bit older, and we had a car! The ikan bakar was just as good as I remember it. Total price – 68 RM ($16.51) for everything

Sri Ganapathi Mess
One of the best things about Malaysian food is its incredible diversity, including Malay, Chinese, and Indian food. Banana leaf south Indian food is very popular and I was recommended to try Sri Ganapathi Mess, a restaurant tucked away into a home. An amazing south Indian food experience in Kuala Lumpur. Price – 59 RM ($14.32) for 4 people

Kedai Kopi Lai Foong
Finally, another dish that many had recommended me was the unique clam noodles in Kuala Lumpur Chinatown at the legendary Kedai Kopi Lai Foong. It was delicious, and a perfect way to end an amazing Malaysian street food tour in Kuala Lumpur. Price – 10 RM ($2.43) per bowl

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  1. Halal Food Travel Guy

    There's some amazing variety in the food in KL. Food is a reflection of culture and KL has A LOT of it!!!

  2. Gulai Batang Pisang

    why youtube recommended me this video at 1am?

  3. Guacamolexx

    You could also eat the fried cempedak seeds. It tastes almost nutty, close to chesnut id say

  4. Irwan Mhd Taib

    In Malaysia you can taste variety of Malay + Indian + Chinese food…… only in Malaysia

  5. Gara khumpitai

    He really know how to eat with fingers.. Awesome

  6. Beth Badanoy

    Like ur video very much mark wiens,,hope more to follow

  7. MiaRUL Project

    Malaysian food are the best ! checkout my channel , im also interested in tropical countries and traveling!

  8. Anson chow Anson

    I love the face when he take a bite and smile

  9. Mohd Nizam Che On

    The real name of this roti canai is..Roti canai telur goyang

  10. COBRA 7

    Nasi lemak malaysia is the best

  11. COBRA 7

    Nasi lemak malaysia is the best

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