Street Food – DIM SUM SKYSCRAPER!! Market Eating Tour in Southeast Asia!

🎥 Huge 21 Curries For Lunch: 🔔 Subscribe for NEW VIDEOS: Trang (ตรัง), Thailand – Welcome to Trang, a lovely historical and laid back city in Southern Thailand.…
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STEAMING Dim Sum + BEST & WORST Foods I've Ever Had

Went for a Dim Sum meal today at Home Style Dim Sum from Chinatown in Seattle and talking about the best and worst foods I’ve ever had. ✸ Check out…
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Chicago DEEP DISH PIZZA & DIM SUM + I Didn't Want to Be Asian

This was something I wanted to talk about since many people have messaged me telling me they feel like they don’t belong and feel alone, especially Asians living in the…
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