talawa gosht recipe | Hyderabadi famous tala hua gosht ki recipe

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  1. Acif Khan

    Apke hath bohat khubsurat hen

  2. Tini's Kitchen

    Your recipe is looking so delicious. thanks for such a re

  3. ChanBaekSoo -

    Writing this not to spread hate. But a gentle reminder that we should choose our cooking utensils wisely. Non stick is not good for health. If it is kept on high heat, it becomes toxic, and is harmful for the body.
    As consumers, its our responsibility to check if we are using utensils good for our health or not for cooking.

    Btw, really nice recipe tho❤️

  4. Sreelalitha Moola

    Aunty please say how to prepare salty raggi biscuits

  5. Shifa Shaikh

    My dad is making this dish since last 20 yrs nd he told me that this dish is so famous in our family nd i jst showed him this vedio nd he told me tell her not to add water instead use raw papaya..

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