Tawa Naan Oven Naan Recipe in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Tawa Naan Oven Naan Recipe in Urdu Hindi – RKK

Ye hai meri tawa naan ki recipe. Asan ghar par oven main banayen. Umeed hai pasand ayegi.


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  1. Huda mohammed

    Rubi aunty agar garlic vala vana heto garlic kb lagaye iske opar??

  2. Yasmin Sidiyot

    Zajaaqaallahukhair Rubi ji
    I am following most of your recipes. Cool. Dua o mei yaad please

  3. Samina Zabir

    Love your methods of cooking and the way you interact with ppl. Love you. Keep smiling

  4. Kalsoom Afridi

    Aapne ye tawa kaha se liya he

  5. Hafizs Jamill

    Jis Kay pass bowlar na ho wo Kia kry

  6. Beautiful Naats

    Maam ye maida kgs mn kitna h?

  7. Sana Naz

    Today I try this really amazing result thank you so much me and my husband big fans ❤ stay blessed and healthy

  8. Shelly Kirton

    I made these nans today. They came out perfectly. Each step was exactly how you explained. The dough behaved the way you said and showed. I was amazed by the nuances of the details that you described in the recipe. There is no scope of error. They came out exactly the way you showed. I cannot thank you enough for this recipe. No exaggeration, they tasted better than that of restaurant’s. Thanks a million. Sending much love and hugs xxx

  9. Nisare Khatija

    Iam little confused, I have normal oven ,so is it necessary to put only on broiler?or i can put on any oven

  10. Krishna Dalela

    Always mention the name and quantity of ingredients used so that those who are heard of hearing benefits

  11. Erum Mansoor mansoor

    Aunty love you I have made naan today n these turn out yummmm

  12. keshf saqib

    Really bad experience, hard nan

  13. Limozone Towncar

    thank you so much I love you all recipes and you are the very professional on YouTube thank you

  14. shaikh zaadii

    Apka way of talk bht acha hay maza ata hay sun ny main ruby mam

  15. Unironal Habibi

    What is maida .is not flour???

  16. Aizaz Iqbal

    Ghryal to utar letien aur dsri klai mae b kch offtoba

  17. king Khan

    Itna azab 10 rs ka tandur say lay lou

  18. Irum Ahsan

    How many naans from this measurement?

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