TERIYAKI, BEST Soup Dumplings & THICK NOODLES in Seattle

Went for my first teriyaki in Seattle also found some of the BEST Chinese noodles and mini soup dumplings in the Seattle area.

Teriyaki Plus: 11512 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033
Underground Kitchen: https://www.yelp.com/biz/underground-kitchen-federal-way-3
Dumpling The Noodle: https://www.yelp.com/biz/dumpling-the-noodle-seattle

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  1. Mikey Chen

    Happy Holidays everyone! Pls be safe!

  2. Wendy Walsh-Pardey

    I've been reading and salivating from Dumpling the Noodle menu….. I live in Australia……boo hoo.

  3. aliengreaser

    ohhh please check out Dumpling Generation in Edmonds/Lynnwood! It’s my favorite dumpling place since I found out about it and I was lucky enough to work there when I was in high school, super nice and tasty

  4. Benjamin Heartin

    My man! If you don't eat the iceberg lettuce salad with mayo dressing with your teriyaki you aren't getting the full Washington Teriyaki experience!

  5. i_Aziz

    Hey there Mikey, If you don't mind PRETTY please can you give us a tutorial of how to eat with chopsticks? pretty pleeeeeeeeeease 😀

  6. Carol S

    Mikey go to a kitchen store and buy a fast food tray to leave in your car, this way nothing will spill on your car. Another idea is to sit in the passenger seat where you have more room to eat.

  7. ionCandy

    You should get the steering wheel tray attachment. Allows you to eat on a table in the drivers seat.

  8. Paul L Summers

    Mike you look into a Chinese ladies

  9. nellie

    Your car should run on hot oil

  10. ana alfaro

    You eating cake with chopsticks is such a mood. Thanks for the great videos as always❤️

  11. Adam Doan

    Anyone else realise when Mikey was eating korean fried chicken, the tv was playing hyoris bed & breakfast with IU :L

  12. Milton Kung

    Why would you make a crispy bottom of the bun to a soggy bottom by dunking it into soup? Rookie move

  13. CO1850

    Why do you not keep exta chopsticks in your car? I do.

  14. Doosh Bag

    hes got a lot of "best soup dumpling" vids…

  15. Rem Smith

    Mr. Chen been the shows for some time however have finally had a reason comment . I'm an ex kirklander and have had the best best bestest experience at a local Teriyaki shop known as TOSHIS TERIYAKI . Honestly if theirs is ever a chance i highly recommend this family owned establishment . As always take care be safe in these crazy days. Peace

  16. Kathleen Nguyen

    Your car probably smells like dumpling juice and hot oil… lol

  17. Zaf

    Why mike doesn't like broccoli?

  18. david _

    For all my australians imagine a teriyaki beef snack pack!!

  19. Erick Heyer-Fogelberg

    Who else is just waiting for Mike to find love

  20. Jay Jacinto

    Teriyaki isn't the same anywhere outside Seattle-Tacoma area tbh

  21. Jay Jacinto

    I always order extra salad dressing to dip the teriyaki in. LOVE IT

  22. Alexandria Yarbrough

    If I ever get to see you ever come back to Oklahoma. Please let me show you the best places. I'm not a YouTuber. But I'm an Oklahoma native.

  23. Erin Gray

    I lived in Seattle for 7 years and I didn’t find out that teriyaki was important in Seattle until my last year. No where near as iconic as the cheesesteak.

  24. Roseann Salzano

    Wow Neanderthal eating at its finest!!!!

  25. Susan Zigler

    That crystal dumpling with mug bean inside reminds me of the food ration in the movie Enemy mine. Dennis Quade character could hardly swallow it. Lol

  26. JaketheCake 123

    I know most of those places lmao

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