The Best and Worst Things About Walt Disney World!

There’s some really amazing things at Disney World…and there’s some pretty crummy things — we’ve seen it all! We’re talking tips to take advantage of the best and some tricks to help manage the worst, today on DFB Guide!

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  1. wrh41

    Disney World is a dreadful experience in the summer, particularly on the weekends. Orlando airport is filthy – every bit as bad as a 3rd world facility. You will be treated like cattle, and you will be price-gouged. The smiles of the cast members are perfunctory. The resorts are full of screaming kids and overrun by morbidly obese motorized wheelchair fakers. Don't bother with the Disney buses – the drivers have become surly, and they are routinely delayed by the wheelchair fakers. Get used to the wheelchair fakers at the airport too – they'll be treated to the front of the line while you're cramped in the wildly overcrowded terminal, being yelled at by staff – the genuinely disabled have to compete with the fakers. Everything at Disney is run by minimum wage high school age kids or retirees, even though you'll pay out the nose for the 'service'. The popularity of Disney has grown thanks to channels like this one, who promulgate the illusion Disney sells and who promote vacationing as a sport – "win Disney" indeed. Perhaps the mad rush is waning, though, as Disneyland's cynical, expensive Galaxy's Edge may turn out to be an unpopular 'ghost town', at least until the main ride opens. Waiting many hours in the hot sun to ride a motion simulator, pay $10 for potpourri-flavored milk, pay $75 for a beer flight, buy a remote control toy for $100, buy a toy light saber for $200, and walk around seeing movie sets you've already seen ad nauseam on YouTube, all straining to squeeze past the crowd-control pinch points, is not most people's idea of fun.

  2. hair dresser

    I'm old school. I write my fast passes on the back of my hand. Quicker than checking a phone

  3. Sydney

    How is the small world vacations free? I feel like last minute I'm going to be hit with a fee haha

  4. Kristen Eckerty

    My two-year old and I were eating some snacks while waiting for our party to be done with Pandora. At the table next to us was a little boy and his dad. The little boy had one of those fancy Pandora slushes with the bubbles that he promptly spilled all over himself. The little boy burst into tears and the dad was having a hard time consoling him. The cast member who was cleaning tables near us immediately came over to see how she could help. As soon as she realized that he had spilled his drink she got him a replacement and settled everybody down. I was super impressed by how calmly and nicely she handled the meltdown.

  5. Emily Curran

    Which resort is that at 14:20? That view is INCREDIBLE!

  6. DieHardGuardGirl

    Wait TWO Manhattans?! I thought you'd been saying like, just "the size of Manhattan" in past videos?

  7. Jessa Kitty

    I was at Disney for my birthday having lunch at Sanaa on Mothers day (which I didn't consider how that would effect the restaurant) and the place was packed! I LOVE animals so I requested a window table to watch the animals and they said well it's mothers day so the wait might be long. Only15 minutes later they called our party, sat us at a window table and when we were done brought a special birthday dessert to me. I almost cried at how wonderfully they cast members treated us. The cast members honestly made my trip multiple times and I feel like paying the ridiculous prices Disney charges is really mitigated by how well they train their staff.

  8. RandomBoii

    How do I get a hold of Disney to plan a vacation for Christmas break?

  9. Jessica CC!!

    Whoa! What was that you said about special concierge 90 fast pass booking privileges you can purchase??

  10. Darla Telschow

    Can you do a video on safety at Disney? After the fight that happened last weekend I’m concerned with my trip I booked this fall. Disney is WAY too expensive to have my family in danger.

  11. Sarah Grace

    WiFi causes cancer- more WiFi is the LAST thing we want/need

  12. Six Kidlets

    Two things: they will replace ponchos if they rip- just keep your receipt. Also, keep a notepad and when you get your survey you can give specific examples and names of great cast members!

  13. gondorbunny

    Worst Things: Crowds and Ridiculous Prices. Best Things: Just about everything else!

  14. Donna Marshall

    I remember a cast member handed my daughter a balloon. We couldn’t afford it at the time. That was just the sweetest thing.

  15. James' Journeys

    The worst thing above all else are the crowds.

  16. Sakura369_

    I had one bad experience with a cast member and I got lost and tried to ask for directions from a cast member. He just looked at me and shrugged me away I thought he was so damn rude and it really annoyed me.

  17. Micheal Feeney

    There is another big difference between the fast pass system at Disneyland and Disneyworld you are overlooking, AJ. The system, as I understood it, was always intended to be more of a 'virtual Queue' instead of a head of the line pass, and I have often rather resented the way other theme park management companies have implemented such things to allow people who throw money at problems allow them to the head of the queue over 'regular' guests. The nice thing about Fastpass is that even allowing advance reservations, the Disney Implementation was not a 'front of the line' thing, but rather a 'we will let you queue up even before you get here' sort of thing, that allowed EVERYONE, regardless of if we had money to throw at the issue, an equal wait to ride the rides we wanted.

  18. Itss Myke

    I think something that people have to understand about the pricing is it’s constantly increasing because Disney needs to keep the parks fresh. Many people start to complain when no new changes have been made and Disney can’t make changes unless they increase prices. It’s not out of wanting to have it so people aren’t able to go to Disney, it’s for the constant want of new things at the park.

  19. Just Jessee

    @9:21 Definitely recommend this! Works for all Q code sort of events too (concerts, movies, flights).

  20. Jess & Jake

    Can you do a best annual pass holders deals video 🙂

  21. DOMEPEACE420

    I'd really want to make a cast members day better. They're screwed so hard by disney, and some of them still believe in walt's dream. That's something I can definitely sympathize with.

  22. Chad Richards

    I did not realize you’re in the park every day! Do you guys work for Disney?

  23. Ethan Nielson

    One of the reasons crowds have precipitously dropped off at Disneyland in California are the price increases. With the middle class being priced out of existence in this country, entertainment options will simply cease to exist or become much narrower. When corporate America allows greed to take over there will be consequences.
    The irony here is that Walt Disney would have never approved this direction his company has taken. The Disney Parks were not created to bankrupt families but to provide wholesome and affordable recreation.
    When I was an actor in Los Angeles many years ago, my best experiences were always at the Disney Studios when Ron Miller and Tom Leetch ran the place. When Michael Eisner took over, the corporate mentality gained precedence and it was never as warm, kind or pristinely clean as it once had been. Yes, they started to make serious money but at the price of releasing films like PULP FICTION? I know for a fact the Disney family did not approve of some of these films and were somewhat distressed at certain decisions made. This is one of many reasons why the WALT DISNEY FAMILY MUSEUM in San Francisco is a completely separate entity from the Burbank based company, funded solely by Walt’s daughter Diane Disney Miller.

  24. Mike and Lynn Callahan

    About 4 years ago on our Honeymoon (my husbands first visit) we met and chatted with three British girls that worked in the tea store in Britain’s area in Epcot. We chatted about tea, the small towns the girls were from, etc. When we checked out, buying three boxes of tea, the girls handed them to us with a card saying they were a gift from them to us! It astonished us and we made absolutely sure they wouldn’t get in trouble for it. They wouldn’t, so we got great friends, an amazingly heartwarming experience, and fantastic tea! I still have the card with all three girl’s names on it. Never forget it.

  25. Nancy Rothstein

    Hers a tip for bring snacks…make sure you don't leave them in the strollers…I saw squirrels feasting on snacks left in the strollers…lol…it was cute but I'm sure not so cute to the stroller owners

  26. Nancy Rothstein

    We ate at the beach club late…..took the river walk to Hollywood studios to catch the bus back to our hotel….the park was closed!!!!! I had 7 people to get back …two scoters…so no taxi would work….here came a bus from magic kingdom….asked the driver if he was going off duty and he said yes…. asked where we wanted to go …he called his boss…the boss said that it was up to him if he wanted to take us….he did!!!!! He said he couldn't take a tip… we left money laying on the seats

  27. Wilfredo Diaz

    I agree the cast members in Walt Disney World are the most amazing workers and they really make visiting the parks all that special… God bless those hard working individuals they all need a raise.

  28. Y0utub3me

    Best thing about Disney: everything except price and rude guests. Worst thing about Disney: price and rude guests

  29. juliana c:

    This is my favorite YouTube channel and I only go to Disney every 2-3 years LOL

  30. Adrianna Rosenfeld

    Hi! So my mom and I always go for my birthday. Honestly, just the little things really make such a big impact. One year we went to Tony's town square for the parade (not a great restaurant but good view on the patio) they put birthday confetti on our table. One year, I had a birthday button on and I got a free frozen banana. We went to California adventure and i was wearing the button, and the different musicians played "happy birthday" for me. So magical and made so many amazing memories. Lots of front desks also give you the birthday button. Some (like animal kingdom lodge) even theme the button. I always looked forward to it, and miss that with the online check in.

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