The Best Chicken Shawarma in Delhi at Al Bake, New Friends Colony

Shawarma is now quite a common dish to be sold and consumed in India but do you know which was the first restaurant to introduce this heavenly dish in the Indian market.

Well, it was none other than Al Bake that is in New Friends Colony, Delhi. Mr M.Z. Beg himself told us the secret behind the success of Al Bake’s Chicken Shawarma, poured some light over his story of being in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years and later bringing the taste of its authentic Chicken Shawarma to India but with an Indianized twist.

In this episode, I am not just even trying Chicken Shawarma but even getting my hands on some of their best selling dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Dhaba Chicken.

To see my overall review about each of them, watch this video till the end.


Price: Rs 120 per plate for Chicken Shawarma

At: Al Bake

Address: Trimurti Building, Plot No 21-23, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg, Block A, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025

Timings: 11am to 11pm

Google Location:






Google Location:

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  1. Lyrical humour

    Mai jabbhi kuchh bahar ka khane ka sochti hun hmesha ye shawarma 1st priority rehti h……. Must try

  2. Kunwar Amir Khusro

    correction: bro thats not Mayonnaise thats shawarma sauce……….pehle me hi ye hi sochta tha but wo Mayonnaise se bilkul alag hoti h………..

  3. Amir Saifi

    Crunchy shwarma try karna plz..

  4. Sanskar Mane

    Who is here in lockdown ❤️

  5. Tarun Hasija

    yt recommend me and i came here

  6. Aprameya Jamadagni

    Dude, in Hyderabad, you get a big fat shawarma for 80 rupees and this is literally 1/4th of it. Simply stupid.

  7. Jay Krishna Jha

    Bhaia kya @Akshay Sapra aap ke bhaia hain

  8. Mohd Amaar

    Bhai u come to lucknow aapko tunday khilate hai

  9. shivam pandey

    Bro there is only one thing wrong in your videos is that you repeat one thing thrice or four times…give more details…baaki sab A1 hain

  10. Sahil Rattan

    When he say best in the world he means it. Mouth-watering shawarma


    Biryani hona tho Hyderabad aana aur Mallepally jaake shawarma Khana.
    No shawarmas were harmed during this video .
    Bhai u have no idea what a shawarma is try shawarma in Hyderabad mujtaba grills U will buy a flat in Hyderabad just to have the shawarma every f ing day.

  12. divesh sharma

    Geeta colony have best shwarma


    Oh my God is this Sharma happening I thought chicken roll happening Holly Molly guys

  14. Kshitiz Aggarwal

    This is not a Shawarma..please research/travel

  15. Faisal Qureshi

    Hey.. Ayush Can anyone become a partner with you for tasting dishes & taking challenges??

  16. Debarshi Mukherjee

    Bro how do you stay in shape after eating so much? Pls tell the secret

  17. Sid Julius

    bhura momos wale p video bnao theke k thk samne h cc m hi

  18. beti chand

    Lund mere kahya ga kay kahna ka be youtube paisa dataa haa

  19. Big Dream Gaming

    Yes,I know there shwarma is very good

  20. Big Dream Gaming

    In fact they make best shwarma in delhi

  21. Omer Khan

    Come to Nagpur Maharashtra and try the authentic shawarma at WE R HUNGRY FAST FOOD JOINT..!


    bro i am recommending you to eat chicken shawarma at concept it is the best shawarma

  23. Abdul Aleem

    You gotta do your homework before. That is the worst shawarma ever, because it is not even a shawarma in the first place.

  24. raunaq lal

    Bhai kitna bolta hai. So irritating. Unsubscribed.

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