The Best Fondue EVER is in Canada?! + Trying BeaverTails & Exploring Banff!

It’s a dreary day in Banff, so we’re taking a break from our camper van road trip to try some super unique Canadian dishes like Beavertail and Elk Fondue at The Grizzly House, which some consider to be some of the best Fondue in the world!

Coyotes Banff:
The Grizzly House:
Wild Flour Bakery:
Hoodoos Trail Hike:

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  1. Jordan G

    vegans cant enjoy this video as much 🙁

  2. Andrew Rys

    I loved the Grizzly house but I was inside it in Sept of 2019 it was a rainy day my dad and I did the complete thing like you two did I ordered the Original one with chicken and beef and my dad did the prawns or scallops or something like that. We did the hot stone as that was more fun. The Cheese fondue was really good and the Chocolate thing at the end. It was a little pricy but worth it for a special ocassion. I haven't done fondue in a long time and it was fun.

  3. Fide Nemini

    Maple syrup on everything, eh?

  4. Demy B.

    Isn't a beaver tail just a Langos ?

  5. Libertarianismo Cotidiano

    Those places are the most expensive in Banff..don't fall for these videos… It's all cra*

  6. Gelia Torres

    Owww Banff I see alot of this place because my cousins are from Alberta. Thanks for tourong me 🙂 and enjoy Philippines haaha I enjoyed your experience from cebu to siargao! New subbie here

  7. Tee Vee

    Skor and kilaloe sunrise are the best!!!!

  8. Mariam Jehn

    You kids astound me…Love you guys so much…Thans for taking us around the world with you…xxoo love from Old Orchard Beach ,Maine…Please come visit…seafood to die for…

  9. Mariam Jehn

    P.s. I'd love to show you some gorgeous nature spots and Portlands .Old Port…you would love it all. Xxoo

  10. Joey Norwood TV

    Geeky just eat the dang food!

  11. Brittany

    It's almost too bad you didn't eat inside. It used to be a swinger bar – they still have phones at the tables, it's hilarious!

  12. Julie Green-Hernandez

    the banana and hazelnut is the best!

  13. Seascape S

    We used to call those a golden Christo here in the US

  14. Stephanie Chong

    the killaloe sunrise is a classic! Wouldn't get any other beavertail.

  15. Mike Kelly

    Just found your channel and I'm really enjoying your videos. I'm Canadian, and have lived on both sides of the country. I know this is probably a year too late, but re: "Canadian bacon" … you totally fell for the tourist trap that is Banff. That was not Canadian bacon. Canadians would most likely call that: ham. In fact, Canadian bacon is an American term for back bacon (which we'd just call back bacon anyhow) – or maybe peameal bacon. As for the bacon most Canadians eat? It's exactly the same kind of bacon that you'd eat in the US.

  16. Kevin Richard

    Seen your videos about Alberta. When doing the Rocky Mountains you have to go to Waterton National Park. Also see the Frank Slide.

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