The Bombay Bakery of Pakistan since 1911 | Travelling to Hyderabad | Street Food at Resham Gali


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  1. A. Seemab

    Shukar he iska Controll kisi hindu bhai ke pas he jo hamari tarha rato rat ameer honay par yaqeen nahi rakhtay aur aimandari se Quality barqarar rakhay huway hen.

  2. Nishar momin

    Zia bhai humare kalyan me be hai karachi medical

  3. Farid Khan

    Kabi biryani khani ho tu Akram biryani latifabad ki khao ap ya phir mister burger ki biryani khao latifabad 11 number

  4. nill potent

    Shiv Sena forced to close the karachi food shop in india,they have cheap thinking

  5. Shakeel Baloushi

    1 saddi se bombay bakery 1 hi khandan k intezam mai rahi hai, what does it supposed to mean like it's a family bussiness not some presidency or dictatorship

  6. Sehrish Balouch

    The owner of Bombay Bakery was good friends with my nanaji and we’d get free cupcakes and other pastries. I grew up on those. This time when my mom and dad went to Hyderabad back in 2018, I told them to bring back cakes from there. They’re delicious.

  7. mickey jericho

    Hope a future generations of our leaders will bring the family together again.

  8. Ganesh Salunkhe

    There are number of Karachi Bakeries in Bombay.
    Few people asked to change their name, as Karachi is in Pakistan, but whole state stood against them saying it is there Identity and love to the place from where they belong.

  9. Nauman Mushtaq

    Bhai Kam wam b kerlu sirf kahte rehte ho

  10. Trayambkesh Budholiya

    Proud to Indians business in pakistan

  11. vaibhav katekhaye

    Hamara india me karachi bekari he

  12. vaibhav katekhaye

    मूह मी पाणी आया

  13. Usama Naeem

    I'm From Hyderabad, but not live in Hyderabad currently, apka vlog dekh kr apny sheher ki yaad agai, Hyderabad meri jaan ♥️

  14. Deborshi Barman Roy

    Zia bhai yeh Coffee Cake 2 pound bhejo to sahi Kolkatta mein.. 🙂 Moonh mein paani aa gaya dekhte dekhte..

  15. Moinak Bhattacharya

    Have become a regular here. Bhaisahab the way he blends history, people from every walks of life, food, enjoying the food appreciating the attention of people who make it -: everything is so so good.

  16. Maooz Ahmed

    At 206-207, Mr. Zia was staring at girl who came outside from the bungalow.

    Mr. Zia please try to be professional while making your VLogs.

  17. Sachin Sharma

    A warm love from INDIA SPECIALLY FROM UTTAR PRADESH….. ❤️❤️❤️✌✌✌

  18. Raj

    great vedios, so much knowledge about history of undivided India

  19. ItsMohdiii

    What’s the expiry and storage about it if one of my friends is bringing it to dubai for me

  20. Abhinav Rai

    Karachi bakery is in mumbai, delhi, hyderabad actually they have more than 100 outlets majority of them in hyderabad, pista biscuits are famous.

  21. muhammad tanweer tanweer

    Ya bnda kch.zayada gi india nawaz hai ,

  22. Karma

    Omg thank you so much for ur videos. Both of my parents are form Pakistan but we all live in the United States. It’s been so long since I visited and I really miss my family the culture and the food. I love watching all ur videos and I can’t wait to try out all of these places myself next summer

  23. David

    Hey very nice trip to Hayderabad. Definitely I would like to visit there next time when in Pak.

  24. Aryan Yadav

    Ab to fir Pakistan aana padega cake khane

  25. Abishek Willie

    In india u should visit Hyderabad only for famous briyani ..

    Any briyani Hyderabad is famous for ..

  26. Hafeez Shaikh

    Nizamudin Biryani al marof Bhoora biryani next level taste !

  27. Harsh Kumar Sinha

    are the owners of the bombay bakery hindu?

  28. Junaid Khan

    Bhai aap food review karte ho achi baath hai but u forget Islam most of d tym
    Khane k tym aap baath karte ho
    Khad k khate ho
    Left hand istimal karte ho
    Thoda sa badlo bhai pura kha na khatam karke food ka review do
    Left hand sey khana kam karo
    Beth k khaow

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