The DUBAI FOOD TOUR – BEST Street Food & RARE Emirati Cuisine in Dubai, UAE!

DUBAI, UAE: Today we go on the Ultimate Dubai food tour of the best street food in Dubai, to the best Emirati cuisine restaurant in the UAE. Before this video I had only found $1 street food, Indian street food and overall arab food In Dubai, but with the help of my friend Peyman Al Awadhi we discovered rare traditional Emirati food!

Peyman Al Awadhi:


Places in the video:
Al Jalboot –
Walid Mohamed Bakhit Bakery


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  1. Saurabh Punmia

    Last 1 was just like an Indian dosa

  2. Evil Morty

    Chips Oman in Emirati food. Whaaat???

  3. dheeraj pundir

    Want to visit dubai for mutton biryani love from india

  4. Nasser Yahya

    There is no food cold emirati food

  5. Jalen Bautista

    Bobby and mark Wiens should collab

  6. Free Audios

    Uh eating shark… fucking up the ecosystem

  7. Sonia Falakiseni

    Gosh Peyman looks so neat in his attire I was hoping you'd try it on too!

  8. zool facts

    The EMARATI guy is just amizing i notice that he always with the best traveler vloggers . Great amount of hospitality. Lucky Bobby

  9. osn

    Why doesn’t Bobby monetize his vids

  10. SteffMysterVideos

    Peymans english is very good. I would like to believe he was born and raised in america, but wanted to go back to his original roots in Dubai

  11. team delta

    That gut was by Mark Wiens

  12. bal and boujee

    Please come to Istanbul!!! You’d love it here

  13. MohEternal

    oh yea when he finally got an emirati food and person he gets 186k views but the video which it's all indian food and people 1m lol… btw regag bread is cheap and good to eat at morning afternoon night you can have it with egg cheese mix and even chips some places over price them but THIS is what he should had for his 1$ stuff

  14. Wes Cook

    Keep doing these videos when you can, I love watching you travel and experience places. With the videos were a little longer though. I just love seeing ethnic food and different lifestyles. I honestly love more ethnic food than I like American haha so we are on the same page. But keep traveling and have fun! When I have the money I know I plan to do what you are doin lol

  15. MrKayaker69

    I can imagine there are plenty of pubes in that food.

  16. MrKayaker69

    If your white they come in your grub and mix it with toe nails

  17. Samantha ferrer cabungan

    that store on the last stop is just behind my house literally 2 minutes walk xD

  18. abhilipsa mantry

    This is one of my favorite videos

  19. Alina Qayum

    Why doesnt it start straight away

  20. وهم لاعبة البوبجي

    Oh I looooovvvvve dubai… I come to dubai last month for 5 days only and its my first time visiting dubai… But I will never forget this country i love it so much i really miss dubai

  21. James Febrio

    Best expression:
    'Its melts in your mouth'

  22. Ronnie Cross

    I love ur vlogs Bobby it comes across very modest n humble with no up the nose airs. Keep it up

  23. Sherri Andranigian

    What A Beautiful Smile Peyman Has.
    Of Course Bobby, Your Smile Warms Everyones Heart.
    Thank you.

  24. Buro biswas

    Amongst those 95% of people 100% of people are from kerala

  25. Safiya M

    Paymen just give him a spoon for God's sake

  26. Nadia beno

    what's beautiful abt arab…where ever u to a random person in the street and boom he talks english real good

  27. cosmichef75

    Eating with Peyman is on my bucket list.

  28. Katie Kemp

    I didn't know Emiratis also eat with their bare hands 🙂


    why didn't u try to meet the dubai youtubers like moneykicks, mo vlogs

  30. Stony Kush

    Where can I find a tiny cheap apartment I just recently had bby Nd need housing but don’t got lots of money

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