The MOST UNIQUE Street Food in Asia – SILK ROAD Street Food Tour of Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN!!!

►Huge thanks to Bekruz for putting in so much work organising this Street Food Tour of Tashkent, Uzbekistan!!!
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Today, our friend Bekruz is bringing us in DEEP through Tashkent, Uzbekistan for a FULL ON Street Food TOUR of Tashkent, Uzbekistan!! This is SILK ROAD food at it’s finest, in Uzbekistan, CENTRAL ASIA! We’re going for a full on TRAVEL VLOG street food tour of the best Tashkent food!

We’re visiting 6 locations in Tashkent and having many of the MOST UNIQUE street foods in Asia!! You’re going to love all of the INSANE food in this video! Watch until the end to discover along tons of the best street food in the world here in Uzbekistan!!!

First up, Bekruz is bringing us to the local market in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to try some incredible street food you’re going to love. The Chorsu Bazaar in downtown Tashkent is PACKED with vendors selling all of the traditional Uzbekistan street food. We stopped at a food market and found some UNIQUE street foods like HORSE MEAT NOODLES, Uzbekistan style lasagna, and FATTY intestine sausage stuffed with rice! And of course all washed down with Uzbekistan tea!

After this, Bekruz is bringing us in for Uzbek style Lagman noodles at TARNOV BOSHI in downtown Tashkent. These Lagman noodles had two styles, one was made Uighur style, and another was made Tashkent style, both of which were UNIQUE and DELICIOUS!

And next up, Bekruz is bringing us for MORE, the TASHKENT FRIED CHICKEN found at UGULOK! This has to be the BEST fried chicken in the ENTIRE COUNTRY! It’s fried in BUTTER!!! Washed down with a special Uzbekistan style tomato “salsa” drink, I found it very delicious!!

And after this, Bekruz brought us to a local family style restaurant to try some kababs and Uzbekistan dumplings before heading to a restaurant in a Yurt to watch the cooking process of how to make green Lagman, a traditional Uzbekistan food made with dill!!

All of the street food in this video was INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!

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  1. The Food Ranger

    Huge thanks to Bekruz for helping out with this AMAZING street food tour of Tashkent, Uzbekistan!! Go follow his account now here: !! Thanks so much for watching! Uzbekistan has some of the most UNIQUE food we've ever tried! Make sure to click that subscribe button and bell notification button down below so you don't miss any of these videos! Watch until the end to discover along with us 6 incredible foods in Uzbekistan! Thanks for watching!!!

  2. Global Citizen Vlogs

    The cleanliness is so impressive wow!

  3. Bartin 74

    Horse meats?! Burn in the hell

  4. Alessio Arzola

    Berkuz is the Uzbek Enrique Iglesias.

  5. Alessio Arzola

    Ok I had gotten used to it but on this one the repeating of the food’s names was just over the top. It’s unnatural in any culture and strange all over the world.

  6. invisible hell

    парень добряк но рядом с ним ташак штангист


    ozbek bolib turib yeb kormagan ovqatlarimni kordim

  8. Shahbaz Mohamed

    Gordon Ramsay should go learn how to make some real food 😉

  9. Shox Rajapovich

    Добро пажаловать в Узбекистан дамы и госпада всем приятного отдыха в солночном Узбекистане Удачи всем

  10. Grand Wonder

    The best part is the dance at the end!

  11. Akhilnadesan Akhi


  12. 4gimmi

    They call it naan too like in Pakistan wow! And touch their hearts out of respect just like in Pakistan:) I guess like Iran , Turkey too. Amazing how culturally similar they are due to mongols, becoming Mughals mixed with Iranian and Turkish blood. And Russian and China too! We still have 1% gene from Central Asia according to


    If you like chocolate like here

  14. Azlina Senan

    Wow.. makes me want to go there to eat…. loves from Malaysia

  15. Shaun Wells

    Man…. The Mongols put in work there. I would really love to take a two week visit!

  16. Mr Gobeshok

    I love Uzbekistani brother and sister love for uzbekistan from Bangladesh

  17. liyana tube

    You will delecius food only in Muslims areas … Even in India

  18. Vinayak Vidhyasagar

    I love noodles n dumplings like crazy, here in India we don't get these, happy eating!! Cheers

  19. Obi Phil

    Lagman is a dead ringer for La mian!

  20. Abdelhakim Benbachir

    Awesome Uzbekistan hospitality , well done !

  21. Deepak Bisht

    These 2 form a great duo… Oooo… Uuuu

  22. Inderneil Bose Roy Chowdhury

    That is not Sesame seeds on the bread he sprinkled..It is Nigella Seeds and down here in Hamburg where I live Horse and Kangaroo meat is available..Both tastes good..

  23. K R Rangarajan

    7:58 Speeling Mistake…But love ur Vids

  24. Dominick Bui

    Lol I would get so uncomfortable if the Food Ranger was looking me straight in then eye and going "MmmMmmmMMmmm MmmmMMmmMMMMmmm" every time he took a bite and slurping his food

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