From the traditional Emirati Cuisine (Arab street food) to Indian street food I explored Dubai’s best $1 street food. This was one of my favorite ultimate food tour’s because I discovered all different types of cuisines (Arab street food, Indian street food, and overall Emirati street food). Comment below on things to do in Dubai or any must try foods in Dubai! This video is the 3rd in my food challenge to eat $1 street food all around the world for my travel series (Living on $1 Street Food Around The World). Comment the next city / country I should travel to and subscribe to follow the journey of discovering the best $1 street food food pov from around the world! To follow the behind the scenes – Insta: iAmLivingBobby


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  1. Reel Food

    You are supposed to dip the falafel in the sauce.

  2. Vikram Tanwar

    4:58 Indian actress kajol poster is behind of him

  3. JAFricanKing

    I love it when people look at vloggers like what are they doing, who is he talking to…. Lol

  4. 9mm Berreta

    What's with the random zoom in effect? You think that is cool?

  5. Debojyoti Kanjilal

    6:10 omg so Dubai people also use bicycle.

  6. Nishant Kataria

    4:58 does anyone noticed , she was kajol

  7. GamingWithHybrid

    People staring like he's filming the new Avengers…

  8. QRL RichyDude

    Dude how the potato are falafel good with tahinia it’s the white sauce

  9. Azimul Hoque

    Come to bangladesh I would love to show you around man!

  10. Shallow & Pedantic

    What?? Dubai got more fat people than U.S

  11. Gemer 21

    Ravi is actually a Pakistani restaurant

  12. Hes

    next time maybe you should try it with an actual local. what you tried are mostly indian food not emirati

  13. Vital Fam

    That aloo vada is indian that sauce is called chutney

  14. NourXGAMER

    3 falafel for .50 usd? What a scam

  15. Maha Mad

    That Afghani bread looks really delicious. Must try to get my hands on it next time I'm in dubai.

  16. Vishal Balani

    2:14 wow I live near that falafel place

  17. Shashwat Jhunjhunwala

    Idk why but it is a pet peeve of mine when the local people just come and stand behind the person and just want to be on camera. Idk why I just find it annoying

  18. eldar btw

    fly to israel is the bast falafel and shwarma

  19. ➋➎➊ 【L】【A】【N】【D】【L】 L

    Zaatar is chopped Olives? WHERE? Maybe in India it is 🙂 LOL

  20. MgBerserk

    The cheese is probably labneh , it's like yogurt from that look , search it up it's very very good , it's like creamy and some are sour but some are perfectly creamy.

  21. Koshe Xd

    3:42 The white suace called Theni

  22. Nivash is Da Best

    How the hell din’t u try shawarma? It’s not 1 dollar I agree. But costs like 25cents extra and it’s like the best street food ever.

  23. ConSavvy

    Him: Living off $1 in New York
    Also him: I haven’t found anything under $20 dollars

  24. EntusGaming

    do you know what shaving is?

  25. osher zarfati

    In Israel this white sauce calls “thina”

  26. cute world

    there is literally nothing in emarati cuisine except falafel!! everything is just indian and afghani

  27. Sanjay Somvashi

    Why its seem like there is lots of Indian people thank Arabic people

  28. GamerXalf

    Anyone know the girl’s instagram form the intro?

  29. ilove2929

    Asian dips our sauces man. We rarely pour over the bag

  30. Nanie Rose

    C’est quel endroit svp???

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