The Ultimate GHANA STREET FOOD TOUR – Jamestown WEST AFRICAN FOOD in Accra, Ghana!

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Thanks to Majeed and Ernest for taking me on this extreme Ghanaian street food tour of Accra. We had an incredible time eating and exploring Accra!

Jamestown, Accra, Ghana – We started off this Ghanaian street food tour of Accra in Jamestown, along the coast in Accra. The neighborhood is home mostly to a fishing community, but they also are known for having some of the best boxers in Ghana. We walked around Jamestown, and tried a few snacks and drinks along the way.
Palm wine – 2 GHC ($0.40)
Egg – 1 GHC ($0.20) per egg
Tigernut milk – 2 GHC ($0.40)

Kenkey (Kenkey – West African staple made from ground corn) and fried fish – After walking around Jamestown, we found a small restaurant to eat kenkey, a common Ghanaian staple made from corn, and here, eaten with fried fish. The restaurant was awesome, and the owners were very friendly. We ordered some food, and also had the chance to watch some of the cooking production. This was probably my favorite meal of this entire Ghanaian street food tour.
Total price – 20 GHC ($4.30) for all

We continued eating our way through Accra, here are a few more of the meals and snacks we tried:

Kelewele and gizzard – 5.5 GHC ($1.20)
Coconut – 2 GHC ($0.40) per coconut

Mama Vee Waakye – We couldn’t have an ultimate Ghana food tour without eating waakye, and so Majeed took me to one of his favorite spots. Waakye is a beloved Ghanaian food, a mix of many different things, and it’s incredible delicious. It wa also a huge plate!
Price – 13 GHC ($2.80)

Hwe Nea Nyame Aye Chop Bar (translated to “See what God has done” restaurant) – For one of our final meals of the day, we stopped at one of their favorite local neighborhood restaurants to eat fufu, along with massively giant jungle snails. They were delicious.
Price – 26 GHC ($5.60)

Chinchinga – Many places around the world offer grilled meat on skewer over charcoal, and in Ghana they are called chinchinga. Especially if you enjoy meat, you can’t miss them.
Price – 3 GHC ($0.60) per stick

It was an incredible day of street food in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Thanks again to Majeed and Ernest for taking me around!


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    I love that place similar with my place.

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    Peoples courage to survive makes me happy and God Bless our African Brothers

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    i love the fact , that mark , is so open and respectful of different cultures………….if all peoples of the world were so , the world would be a much better place and not controlled by haters . BTW , the food looks amazing and the people so nice…..thank you , for sharing…………P.S. i really admire the fact , that , a lot of the people are able to speak a foreign language , quite efficiently…..kudos…….

  15. Matthew tambie

    I love Ghanaian women very gorgeous and beautiful

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