This Family’s Baking Business Brought Them Closer Together

Bibingkas may be most popular during December in the Philippines, but Adie’s Delight will keep them warm for you the entire year.

When they were unsure if businesses would ever reopen, a family worked together to create a business from home.

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Erwan Heussaff – Founder
Kashka Gaddi – Content Producer
Eamonn Quizon – Cinematographer
Edel Cayetano – Story Producer
Julius Rivera – Videographer
Steven Sune – Editor
Lorraine Santos – Editor
Dana Blaze – Editor
Dustin Dagamac – Content Creator
Trist Bagano – Content Manager
Chester Velasco – Production Assistant
Sofia Paderes – Graphic Designer
Roanne Salvacion – Accountant

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  1. Zia Kimberly Bryan

    Wow so miss that bibingka oh. Craving now. Keep safe po kayong lahat

  2. beaut maria

    I'm not surprised how food can bring hearts together as one. I mean, how can it not? Lmao love it. Cheers to the business!

  3. MDDG

    Nice story idol @erwan

  4. hey delilah

    I love that it’s all family effort!

  5. Cheap Travels

    I would luuuuuhhhhvvvvv to have a taste of your..
    i would love a bite of your..
    ah sheeeet
    patikim po

  6. Pepper

    This is so heartwarming <3

  7. Vincent Jay Ferrancullo

    That's true I always cook for my friends and it connect us like a family.


    Notif squad is here …sorry if im late ..

  9. Sara at PPKdotPT

    I wish their success keeps growing!

  10. caridad yuson

    The Pandemic gave a chance for Families to bond and find new business opportunities. I have this friend, whose business were hit hard by the pandemic. My friend’s wife who has been dreaming of setting up a food business coz she loves to cook took this opportunity to do that. Their specialty Baked Lasagna and it expanded to a lot more. Everybody in the family pitched in. They became closer and the business is really doingwell now.. I am not sure if you’ve heard of them if i may mention the name “ Yummitas Kitchen”. Thank you for sharing success stories to inspire others and to send a message Never to Lose Hope. God Bless!! Stay Safe!!

  11. C J

    Awww the Co brothers who were my students — all smart boys!


    i hope i can be featured here someday

  13. Secret Scarlet

    Pandemic Kitchens is one of my most anticipated series. Very great to highlight local businesses and keep hope alive. 🙂

  14. Armi Angeles

    Nabitin ako with this episode! 🙂 Thank you FEATR! I appreciate that you feature starting businesses, gives hope and desire for success.

  15. Norely Sanders

    Watching all the pandemic kitchens videos makes me wish I was in the Philippines so I can help support them as well!

  16. Aleli Rafols

    I did not quite get to see the name of their bibinka business. I want to try it looks so good and different. May I know its name and where it is located ? Thanks.

  17. Taiwan Elizaga

    May I ask how to make one? Nagutom ako bigla hahaha. Since from the start, your content is really inspiring. Thank you so much Erwan!

  18. Chellie Moggie

    Mouthwatering and awe-inspiring all at once! Keep it coming, @FEATR


    san po yung bilo bilo sticky rice ni chef martin?

  20. Joie Arevalo

    my goal now is to be featr. on this channel! hehe

  21. Pimp My Kusina

    english version ito ng tikim tv … mas gumanda yung contents nyo nung binigyan nyo ng kwento yung mga pangkaraniwang pilipino na may masasarap na paandar

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