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It’s my last day of filming for a while and we ended with a bang. Hot coals, open air and a mystery big hunk ‘o meat! Who needs DJ BBQ? (only kidding….) This feast was a special occasion – for some gorgeous mid-week meat recipes check out :

This was all for my next series of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feasts coming out in January. If you’re in the UK you can watch the last series again here:

For loads more ideas and inspiration on eating and living well go to :

Four more vlogs this week guys – what would you like to see?

Big love,

Jamie O

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  1. D H

    Hangi, some beers, and a sunny day with ya mates. That's how we roll in NZ!!

  2. Mill Eudic

    Giggle, no red buttons? 😉

  3. Jordan Gray

    Yummy traditional maori NZ hang!

  4. rona easy home cooking channel

    It's like open house.. For the a marvelous foods

  5. bigfutus

    Now that is superfood for me.

  6. Caitríona Redmond

    That old way of cooking in New Zealand is known in Ireland as an ancient cooking method "Fulacht Fia/Fiadh". 😉

  7. Ken Rogers

    these 'Daily Jamie' vids' are a brilliant idea…..informative often funny and very entertaining and the fact that they are done 'on the fly', presumably un-scripted, keeps them 'real'……keep it up.

  8. Sonali Manka

    Hangi!!! So many good memories: Christmas, birthdays etc. Plus beers of course. Beautiful way to cook food.

  9. aidan earl

    The audacity of you talking about "waste and the environment" while pushing a diet rich in animal products. Animal agriculture is the biggest threat to the environment. It produces more greenhouse gasses than ALL transport combined. It's the leading cause of species extinction, it clears 2 acres of rainforest every second and uses 1/3 of the earths fresh water.
    You're full of sh*t. Only interested in peddling your own brand.

  10. Avalon449

    John Milihan (sp), ever hear on a New England clam bake…..

  11. Schwenksvillemom

    Could you do a Q&A with your wife?

  12. shake city nzl

    John! ! the man knows how the Hangi always comes with a few brews and a yarn. too much

  13. chilly22

    jamie needs some sleep me thinks

  14. James W

    Hi Jamie, will the new show teach us how to cook a whole animal? If not, good topic for a food tube video?

  15. Crafty Loops

    My word….does Jamie ever get time to sleep? He just works, works, works! Not that I'm complaining, I get to see all the great recipes etc., but goodness me, that boy works hard! Looking forward to watching this show in January. Lee xx

  16. Kael

    Stuff like this keeps me coming back to this channel. How awesome of a nugget of culinary info was that description of New Zealand hangi.

  17. mogami4869

    get the "whole-animals-over-fire"-guy to make a video about "whole-animals-over-fire" BBQ traditions and history, seems really interesting!

  18. Nick Nick

    Traditional hangi use rocks as you say but were heated with tee tree, or as we call it now, Manuka. Hot burning wood. Heat the rock rill red hor and bury with the food. Nowadays a course they use a huge industrial gas blow lamp to heat a pile of rocks.

  19. Jonziebal

    Get some sleep, friend. You look like you are about to collapse..! :-/ Really appreciate all your efforts! You are definitely a light to follow.

  20. Alexander261

    must be good working with Jamie

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  22. daan stam

    not the worst show to be a crew member on 🙂 3:00

  23. 11robert11

    Jim is a top bloke I love all his shows to tell him I do metal detecting let me on his farm land

  24. Charlene xo

    You're amazing Jamie !! I watched your show about sugar yesterday in Sydney Australia !! Wow I am making changes !! I am a primary school teacher so all your information and ideas are being implemented within my classroom 🙂 xxx

  25. Pumpkin

    Обожаю его!!! И его кухню!!! Вкуснятина!!!

  26. Andrew Maher

    Seems Jamie is getting a hand on this vloging thing. Starting to really build up some momentum. Kudos

  27. Graham Smith


  28. Food And Drink In Seconds

    bloody hell that meat looks GOOD! Can we come to the next BBQ!?

  29. G l o r y

    I've been watching your cooking since the start..
    I'm a fan of yours

  30. Didi Maz

    Wow…what i would give to be part of that…love the idea of good people and good food. Good luck with the show.

  31. Nuclear powered Unicorn Shitz

    Jamie oliver: bringing new meaning to "super food"

  32. Anderson Caldeira

    "Pampas brasil churrasco" images pesquises it's.

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