TRADITIONAL Uzbekistan Noodles, FIVE STAR Breakfast Buffet & Exploring Ancient City of Khiva

To start off my morning, at the Hyatt hotel that I was staying at. I had to try their five-star breakfast buffet. Later that night I attended the world congress influencers event, and I got to meet a lot of cool influencers there. The next day I flew out to tour the ancient city of Khiva and ate some traditional Uzbekistan food.

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  1. Rasul Bokev

    Aye like this comment if yall are uzbek gang

  2. Pei K

    thanks for showing these lovely countries and foods, Mikey. These are some places I can never travel to but would like to, so I live vicariously through you vloggers 🙂

  3. Husniddin Raxmatov

    I love you uzbekiston welcome to Uzbekiston

  4. Giorgia

    I highly dislike when I’m watching Mikey and the those “Calm” app advertisements come up and it’s like “ Are you feeling anxious “ like yes gurl bye let me watch him so I relax

  5. Chi Javier

    One thing about the food in CAC they’re basically beige in colour.

  6. Alex Olson

    Mikey: Sees fruit…

    Mikey: Im not into that stuff


  7. Hans News

    Gabriel traveler is in the video

  8. David MacDonald

    Awesome as always, Thank you for being such a genuinely kind-hearted person. I enjoy watching and listening to you as I work and relax. your passion for food and great sense of humor keeps me in a positive mood. Thanks again and I will keep watching faithfully.

  9. Shadowbow1000

    Mashed Potato inside a dumpling…you mean perogies?? XD

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