Unique SHAWARMA Technique!! Bucharest Street Food + Market Tour in Romania!!

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BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – Bucharest is the largest city in Romania, a vibrant capital, full of old and new, and an abundance of markets, and everything from street food to high end restaurants. In this ultimate Romanian food tour of Bucharest, we ate a variety of amazing food, and I’m going to share it all with you in this video! #Romania #RomanianFood #Bucharest

Huge thank you to Nassim (https://www.instagram.com/romania_foodtours/) and Cristian (https://www.instagram.com/cristian_tudor_microgreens/) for setting up this incredible trip.

Obor Market – To start off this day of eating, we headed to the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Bucharest, Obor Market. After walking around the amazing fruit selection, and vegetables, we had a quick cup of freshly squeezed grape juice.

Terasa Obor Mici – Located at the market is one of the best Romanians street food stalls in the city, Terasa Obor Mici. There’s nothing like a few mici in the morning with some beer. The owner here is also incredibly friendly, and they serve probably the best mici in Romania.

Argentine Steak & Sushi – Next up on this food tour of Bucharest, we had a lunch cooked by Chef Catalin Petrescu (https://www.instagram.com/chefcatalinpetrescu/) who uses Romanian ingredients to make Japanese food – and it’s amazing food. Cristian also supplies microgreens for this restaurant (https://www.instagram.com/cristian_tudor_microgreens/). It was an outstanding meal.

Parliament of Romania – The most important and iconic landmark in Bucharest is the Parliament of Romania, the second largest administrative building in the world. We took a quick tour of some of the most decorated and beautiful rooms.

Origo Coffee Shop If you love good coffee, when you’re in Bucharest, Romania, this is the place to go.

Dristor Kebap – This chain of Romanian style shawarma is a must try when you’re in Bucharest. I loved the unique selection of vegetables, and especially the stir mix of all the ingredients, which I haven’t seen in other countries.

Caru’ cu bere – Finally, to complete this incredible day of Romanian food in Bucharest, we went to Caru’ cu bere, a historical Romanian restaurant, full of cultures, and meaty Romanian food. Every night is a party at Caru’ cu bere!

Watch the entire Romania food and travel series here: https://youtu.be/kd0FRDkHqPc



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  1. drew anna

    Wonderful host in Romania. You should do more videos with them

  2. NB007

    funny af how a dude like this who doesnt know anything about food and likes everything is takes so serieously

  3. shimy333

    what a great culture…one day…

  4. Kei Key

    Lol local TV film him haha

  5. Gray Portrait

    Ok, I'm convinced that was the greatest grape juice in the world.

  6. eric moss

    I don't think I've ever seen you have more food happiness than in Romania. It's such a great place — there's kind of a 'rawness' in the best sense of the word.


    beautiful girl, yellow sweater, black leather jacket… @ ????

  8. manu manu

    Since I was five years old I shopped to this Market. There are about 100 Markets like this in Bucharest. Romania is amazing and I lived for years in other places. Romania rules. I moved back to my country just because it is really genuine.

  9. Dicky O

    18:35 look at moron fundeling with this food

  10. Carole Fravel

    Where is Ying? I don't like this video. To many outsiders hanging around. I like Joel.

  11. Annie Low

    OMG for goodness sakes swallow your food THEN talk, no one taught you that?????

  12. Gopnic Otaku

    I mean the food is one of the few good things about living in this country.

  13. Harry Fotopoulos

    Mark have been few times in Romania

  14. Rose Weng

    Watching this post-covid makes me realize how free we used to be, maybe not so sanitary touching food that's out in the market not knowing who's touched it before, but damn…. the freedom to walk around freely, mask-free, and enjoy the company of new friends…. Our time will come back again soon.

  15. Murat Mamtimin

    dristor owner is Turkish who arrived 1990+

  16. mat ldn

    Hello Mark, did you try: Dristor Kebab? The best in Bucharest.

  17. Santi

    The main market is really cool, so many fresh ingredients.

  18. Ebz E

    Hi, love your content. However, since when the heck was Shawarma Romanian? Its so far from Romanian cuisine. I want people to understand, the difference between a shop selling native food from the country they live in and then IMMIGRANT owned shops. This was major disrespect. Romania has a large Turkish population and the foods available at this store were traditional Turkish oven baked pastries, soups and so on. Please edit that. You're misinforming people.

  19. Cristina Prorosciuc

    Oh Mark I've watched all the Romanian series and they are glorious. Being romanian warms my heart seeing you enjoying our culture and you did a great job in promoting our beautiful country. And nonetheless I've seen the interview and I fell awful how Dani (the interviewer) didn't even made his research about you to your pre visit. It was bad, trying to translate, interrupting you every 5 seconds but you still stayed humble and you said that it went well. I could see it on your face that it didn't went well but you didn't want to hurt anyone. Please take your experience from Romania and not that single moment as it was a flop. If I was Dani I will feel ashamed. As I've seen a lot in the comments you brought more attention to Romania than the ministers that we have running our country. Living in UK now, when I saw all my traditions, man I really miss it. Thank you Mark for all the kind words.

  20. Ciobanu Marius

    I can.t understand what makes 1000 viewers dislike a clip about mici and shwarma! Such a bunch of frustrated vegans….

  21. Crismariu Mihnea

    In Parliament you can see the bigest thieves in Romania…for free!

  22. Dan Thompson

    The tall russian ethnically depend because sardine energetically question via a thoughtless engineering. arrogant, bored separated

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