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Unusual Indian street food | TRADITIONAL Bengali food + massive Indian food tour in KOLKATA, INDIA

Unusual Indian street food | TRADITIONAL Bengali food + massive Indian food tour in KOLKATA, INDIA

Unusual Indian street food | TRADITIONAL Bengali food + massive Indian food tour in KOLKATA, INDIA 

Kolkata is a wonderland for people who love to eat! In this video we hunt down some of Kolkata’s best street food and eat traditional Bengali dishes. We start off with breakfast of chai and malai toast at a famous tea stall and then head for lunch at one of Kolkata’s famous Pice Hotels. Pice Hotels- named after the paisa (a hundredth of a rupee, a coin which now been phased out) as meals in these hotels used to cost only a few paisa. The Pice system means each item of your meal down to the banana leaf and clay cup is charged individually. We eat traditional Bengali dishes here of mutton kasha, a spicy Bengali curry and rui maacha jhol, a Bengali fish curry. Both are sensational. Onwards to Dacres/Deckers Lane for its famous chicken stew washed down with a hot milk and finally some fried snacks to end the night. We hope you enjoy this huge Indian street food tour in Kolkata! #indianstreetfood #kolkatafood #india #kolkata

What we ate and where we ate it: 

1. Chai (tea) and malai toast at Kona Dukan, Lyons Range, Murgighata, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001. Open daily 5:00am to 8:00pm and until midnight on Sunday.

2. Bengali meal at Hotel Sidheshwari Ashram, 19, Mirza Ghalib St, Esplanade, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087. Open daily 9:00am to 3:30pm and 7:00pm to 10:30pm.

3. Chicken stew and butter toast at Chitto Babur Dokan, 3, James Hickey Sarani (Dacres Lane), Peerless Bhawan, Chowringhee North, Kolkata, West Bengal 700069. Open daily 6:00am to 9:30pm.

4. Hot milk at Sharmas, right next to Chitto Babur Dokan (see above). Open daily.

5. Fish fry and mutton chop at Kalika, 29, Surya Sen St, College Square, Kolkata, West Bengal 700009. Open 3:30pm to 8:00pm, closed Sunday.


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We’re Thomas and Sheena, food and travel fiends. We travel full time, hunting for the BEST local food in the world to showcase via our YouTube videos. Food is a window into a country’s culture and one of the most exciting ways to get to know a place.

We’re all about eating what and where the locals eat. You won’t find food that’s been created merely to be social media worthy on here- no rainbow bagels, gold leaf soft serves- just genuine, authentic food that tastes incredible.

From street food to mom and pop restaurants, we want to show you the best and most authentic food we find on our travels.

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Kirti Gupta on January 25, 2020

Oh u guys r back in India and India is touring NZ now !

Bonnie Kruch on January 26, 2020

I've never had a drink out of a terracotta cup…if my teeth ever touched it I would imagine it would set my teeth on edge….and my lips would stick to it…is there a way to use them? Also are they single use?

OBIE on January 27, 2020

👍❤ Thanks again T&S…. It has been a long time since I was in India… What is the beer culture like there now???

Rick Farris on January 27, 2020

Everyone else is eating with forks. Did they run out?

Girish Dhameja on January 31, 2020

Sheena speaks fluent Bengali.. Wow!!

Mohd Ramzul Adli on February 3, 2020

I love all your videos

McMurugan on February 7, 2020

Big Thumbs up 👍 Congratulations 💐 Happy Journey and Tour 🦚

litti chokha on February 8, 2020

Hope you had a nice gap between Fish and Milk

vinayak shanbhag on February 8, 2020

Video editing is just awesome so is the content..feels nice to see foreigners liking indian street food..

Louise Meloche on February 9, 2020

Thomas and Sheena, of all the food videos, you’re the best!

Ananddeep Dasgupta on February 10, 2020

So the right way to eat Bengali food is to eat each dish individually and not mixed together. Also you missed out on the vegetables that you get there. I felt like rushing to help you with it. All vloggers please get a guide when you eat locally. You guys are great. Get in touch so that I can help you with this!!!!

Vetri V on February 10, 2020

The milk boy smart kid needs to go school instead working

Farouq Omaro on February 11, 2020

Is Calcutta the only city in India which still has lots of Ambassador taxis and old Tata buses? Gives a nostalgic feeling to the city

G V Balajee on February 12, 2020

Delicious street food

Aryan Pandit on February 13, 2020

Sheena Are You Bengali??
Even My Bengali Is Not That Perfect 😝😂

Kunal Roy on February 17, 2020

Lovely video. The rui maacher jhol was a mustard sauce.

Subhajit Saha on February 19, 2020

Suswadu even before tasting 😂🤣

Dr Prashant Deb Barma on February 21, 2020

Millions of subscribers on the way ❤

Bonnie Kruch on February 22, 2020

Every item looks so good ! I could never choose between them! Fortunately the prices are so reasonable I would not have to choose ,I could get it all!

Rajotavo DasGupta on February 27, 2020

Hi Thomas & Sheena…u guys have hit just the right spot in central Kolkata fr the awesome 'malai toast'! That's a classic street food in that business district of town…cheers!

sunil joshi on June 17, 2020

Chai and malai toste only 55₹
Super chep

Snig Ja on August 18, 2020

Sheena you sound so cute when you say " shuvo shondha, kemon achen?"
I loved how you got the pronunciation so accurate!

NEIL KAMAL SEAL on September 11, 2020

Wow…amazed on ur research on Kolkata cuisine gems. Most tourists from India aren't even aware of that. Well Bengalis are kinda the most westernized Indians and so you can find a few English fusion foods on streets even. For eg starters, some stews, soup like that.

moroder65 on December 2, 2020

But guys for god sake how dare you to eat that food in india ! The vendor feet is right beside the bread ! Everithyng is so dirty , disgusting !

Sarah on December 27, 2020

Please both of you should eat the food at same time and comment at the same time. Love both of you. Thanks.

brian liu on December 31, 2020

did u guys get sick eating street food ?

Bisweswar Sen Chowdhury on January 12, 2021

you are supposed to eat the daal, the meat and the fish individually with the rice……

Suzzi roy on February 19, 2021

hey, I m from Kolkata thanks to showing Kolkata real local food and amazing presentation good job , god bless you both of you keep going

Shahz Manku on February 20, 2021


Gautham Patnaik on March 29, 2021

I really loved your presentation and bhoom blow my mind. Truly one day I watched four videos. Keep going lots of love from India.

Asmit Basu. on October 15, 2021

I can't believe how well researched your trips are as I have already mentioned in the second part of your video in Kolkata series. I mean you guys have actually found the most authentic and heritage eateries of Kolkata, usually hidden from someone coming from a different city, let alone some other country. I am from Calcutta/Kolkata and I am totally impressed by this. No other channel had done such detailed research work on the food culture of Kolkata. Amazing!

Peripheral Vision on November 5, 2021

Fun Fact. Nearly All Indian restaurants in the UK are owned by Bengalis. Bengalis made Indian food popular here. Bengalis from Bangladesh to be precise.

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