VSAUCE & JACKSGAP party trick | Food Tube (was) Live!

Jack, Finn & Michael from two of the biggest YouTube channels in the world bring fun & games to the party with a cool trick you guys can do at home: Dancing raisins.

This is a sneak peek from the awesome Food Tube first birthday live show packed with Jamie and the Food Tube Family plus loads of other YouTube stars not to mention some amazing food and fun.

Missed it live? Then watch it all again right here: http://goo.gl/HTQlKf

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VSauce | http://www.youtube.com/vsauce
JacksGap | http://www.youtube.com/jacksgap

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  1. Robert Clark

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  2. Joseph Wheeler

    I think Michael's a little tipsy

  3. trudy

    how drunk was michael when he made this ohmygod

  4. Martin Clark

    Sry Micheal, I won't be attending your parties.
    You didn't actually solve the problem. 

  5. PeachMelon

    I have never seen Micheal like this before,
    woow.. such a big change from "and as always thanks for watch" xD
    I don't mind it though~ 

  6. balzonurchin

    I hate when that happens to my straw. Stupid carbonation.

  7. Devon Bolsch

    That explains mentos and coke…

  8. MeTube7734

    Someone make a video "Michael Stevens WOAH for 10 hours"

  9. Otsile M

    Did anyone else hear perhaps imagine the VSauce music (you know, the kind that chimes in after he normally asks a cryptic opening question) in their heads after Michael said "yet", or was it just me?

  10. AleSmith

    Drunk Michael kind of reminds me of Steve Carell.  Especially at about 1:26 when he tells that joke and does that head shaking thing. lol

  11. wikiwikiwee1

    Raisin the roof? Fuck you lol

  12. OwlCityAnimeFan

    I love how Finn starts eating the raisins in the end lol x3

  13. Mia Caparaz

    Third grade science project. Been there done that

  14. Baidawi

    raisin the roof. i died. 

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