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Today is an entire vlog dedicated to Sri Lankan food! What an amazing food trip in Sri Lanka! Who would have ever thought Sri Lanka was a foodie destination. I was amazed at the variety of foods Sri Lanka had available. From vegan dishes, to spicy dishes, to curries, to sweet foods, it was all just total culinary heaven! Come join me as we pig out in Sri Lanka!

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  1. Rajitha Karunatilleke

    You need to eat kottu if you are in Sri Lanka

  2. Harini Narendra

    I'm dying when he says "I see vegetables that I don't recognize" 2:23

  3. SL Kolla

    What the fuck man… those curries eats with white rice… you just eating that fucking curries alone…

  4. Step by Step

    Why don't you try the Curry withrice

  5. Baby Since92

    Am half srilankan pinoy ahaha and seeing this vlog makes me feel homesick

  6. Dasun Perera

    If u belive it or not this is my every day meal i live in sri lanka

  7. Harmonic Dazzle

    Just joined the mabuhay squad!

  8. Randila ratnayake

    you increasing my hungry curse youuuuuuuuu……….. but yummy

  9. Net Alibaba

    dude you need to mix it up with rice!!! you dont eat curries alone

  10. AwesomeAnuki

    I'm sri Lankan and the food there is amazing and the dark curry is actually deli

  11. Seyara Weerasinghe

    he does realise that he is supposed to mix it right??? not eat it separately….

  12. Sithmi Thihansa

    Wait did u not eat any rice well wht eves they r soo good and healthy foo

  13. TheNu

    did you eat those without rice?

  14. TheNu

    love from Sri Lanka Mikey..

  15. Ishara Madhushanka

    adiiiii ooowa wena wenama neme kanneee

  16. gachaguy123

    I live in Sri Lanka I'm happy you like our food

  17. Hasindu Nirman

    Are you serious bro? Antscanada? <3

  18. Bass Music

    And also all Sri Lankan food is natural

  19. ayodhya

    what about rice???? Only curry???

  20. Gabadage Edushika Ariruwan

    sri lankans eat those curries with rice

  21. BTS is back

    I am a big fan OMG I am a Sri lankan. … . .

  22. Dhananjaya Marasinghe

    Thats not how you eat sri lankan rice and curry !!!

  23. Anu Linu

    Eat wth rice so u can tast it more

  24. Julie A

    Endless varieties of foods so amazing.

  25. Jam Jam

    Ma man… that's not nacho. It's called "papadam"

  26. Ranjanie Wickramaratne

    They have more tastier food try them

  27. Game Fein

    He looks like this 1 guy my female cuzzin beat up. Same mole and everything! Nice

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