We Were at the Very FIRST Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in 2019 and We've Got ALL the Details!

Party exclusive entertainment & treats, a BRAND NEW fireworks show and ALL of our returning favorites. We’re telling you EVERYTHING you need to know about the 2019 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Disney World!

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  1. Ginger E.

    Such Fun! Thank you, AJ!!

  2. GoodlyGal

    Does anyone know how I can find out which of the snacks are snack credit eligible? I'm crossing my fingers for that vanilla orange treat at Sunshine Tree Terrace!

  3. Sahm

    I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in 2017. It was magical!

  4. FollowTheBradleysFun!

    AJ, where are YOU? I mean, we HEAR your wonderful voice, but we never SEE you? Would love to SEE you and your team members in your videos…

  5. Stephanie Kimbler

    Thank you for this video! It will be our first time going to the Very Merry Christmas Party! We are so excited!!!

  6. sarah r

    I’m going on dec 1st! So excited! My question is how do they get all the guest that didn’t buy a ticket out of the park? Wouldn’t it be easy for them to just stay?

  7. Michael Milroy

    Note: For the Fireworks you probably don't want to be right up next to the castle, because it'll block most of the view, you probably want to be back by Casey's Corner.

  8. TheSonicTuber

    I hope there are Snow Cones, they are one of my favorite things about MVMCP

  9. Kristina Stutts

    Wait, you can book fast passes? During the party or only between 4-6 pm?

  10. Julie Beiswanger

    Can you please let us know all of the characters and where they are for MVMCP. I know you mentioned a few but for example is Judy and nick from zootopia there this year?

  11. AliSal

    Awesome video! Love your channel! So why doesn’t Disneyland have a Christmas party? I wish it did.

  12. Jan Kehoe

    We went on Nov 11 and it was wonderful we got to do some rides we normally would just pass by due to the lines but we got to ride last night. We also got to meet Peter Pan and Captain Jack (a first for us). I went to Guest Services and was told there are not Sno cones at every party and if they are out it would be later in the season. We liked this party better than the MNSSHP. It was a happier feeling and lots of folks were singing along with the music that was playing.

  13. gmoney1354

    I went there on Monday night and wasn’t as good this year.

  14. Burrito Princess

    stops watching disney plus for 20 mins to see what aj is up to

  15. issa user

    Can you attend just the party with just the party ticket?

  16. Jessica Martinez

    How do the fireworks compare to Happily Ever After? Trying to decide if attending Happily ever after on the few nights it’s offered (along with the crowds) is worth it. Or if MVMCP fireworks is equivalent enough to make it worth it to just view party fireworks and skip Happily Ever After.

  17. Apple apps iOS Más apps

    My mom birthday is November 16 Mickey Mouse birthday is November 18 my dad birthday is November 19

  18. Mariae BP

    We are going tomorrow, sooo excited

  19. Dana

    my family and i will be at the xmas party this coming friday night; looking extremely forward to being at the party; i always look forward to some festive xmas fun at the MK; SEE YA REAL SOON DISNEY WHICH I MEAN STARTING THURSDAY! : ) by the way AJ, i'm from texas too; what a small world it is, lol! getting so ready to get the heck out of dodge here in texas, ITS BEEN SO COLD AND TOO COLD FOR ME, LOL! ready for some warmer weather especially being with my family celebrating the holiday season at what uh THE BEST PLACE ON PLANET EARTH CALLED DISNEY WORLD! : )

  20. Kathryn Reid

    Going on Nov 19th!!!!! So excited!!!

  21. Kate Blakemore

    Do you not think that wrapping the cookies in plastic is a backwards step, given the huge campaigns to go plastic free?

  22. Jill Rappold

    We were at MVMCP on Tuesday night. I wish I would have had this video before we went! I wanted the kakamora float but when I passed where was supposed to be I didn't see it advertised or anybody walking around with one so I figured they weren't doing them yet. Such a bummer! But we did enjoy the cookies the pretzels the free drinks and our favorite ride of all was the Christmas Space Mountain! I think Christmas Space Mountain was better than regular Space Mountain and we went on it three times! The wait lines when we were there were anywhere from five minutes to 35 minutes for Seven Dwarfs. Perfect!

  23. Nitin Jain

    I really want a revised vegan / vegetarian restaurant video.

  24. Shadowcat107

    this is awesome seeing all the awesome stuff and activities you can do at Disney World. last time I comment on another Disney video. this person said there's not Disneyland in Orlando but I wrote Disney World. the Disney video I watched was from another Disney YouTube channel. the food was the best of the video. thanks for a awesome video.

  25. Mary Morgan

    I’m glad you made it sound exciting because I was also at the first party of this year on the same night, and I thought (other than the Orange Bird dessert) it was awful. Too many people, not enough exclusive things to do, the castle lighting event (Elsa’s super short show to turn on Christmas lights) could be seen without a party ticket, how many Christmas cookies and drinks do you really want to wait in long lines for, and unimpressive ride overlays. Plus, and I know Disney doesn’t control weather, the rain made the fireworks awful – at times you couldn’t see the castle or fireworks for the smoke hanging and moving slowly down Main Street. Plus, I purchased a $12 poncho and it ripped as soon as I put it on and my $30 peppermint ears broke in the middle of the headband. I addressed both of these concerns with Cast Members and was told I could buy new ones (which I did, so make that a $60 pair of ears and a ripped down the front poncho not doing any good. On top of that, the Cast Member then tried to KEEP my broken ears even though they wouldn’t do an exchange…I had to ask to keep them .) Worst $100+ dollars I ever spent!

  26. Brandon Freeman

    Was so glad we got to see Tinker Bell during this fire works show! Last few times we have watched the fire works at magic kingdom she wasn’t there. It’s so awesome to watch the kids as she flys over head!

  27. Jessica Dawn

    Isn’t there a gingerbread cookie located somewhere?

  28. That fangirl gabby

    You can get into the park (Walt Disney worlds magic kingdom) at 4pm with a Christmas party ticket even if your not a annual park holder or seasonal one?!? Thanks !

  29. Jade W

    Will I be able to see “A Frozen Holiday Wish” on Dec 9 at 6:15? I know the party is on the 10th but we won’t be there 🙁

  30. Denise Mead

    Are there gluten friendly cookies available for the party as well?

  31. lastname firstname

    I was there the first night as well .. I am still damp from the rain. One thing I didn't like was constantly being approached by a posse of electric torch carrying cast members who kept asking to see our special bands indicating that we were paid attendees. In a one hour period the had us raise our arms to show the bands. It was annoying and distracting. I felt like i was attempting to cross from east to west Germany ("show us your papers"). Prior year's XMAS party attendance did no have the same checkpoint-charlie.

  32. Lau Arteta

    Dumb question but if I want to go just to the MVMCP I can gen just the party ticket or I have to get the park + the party tickets?

  33. BlossomsVlogsAnd MORE

    Nooo I want to go to Disneyland but I don’t want to leave at 7

  34. Christy's Corner

    I’ll be there tonight! Speaking of being there. I’m here all week! Let me know if you’re around

  35. Hayley Meyer

    Do they do gluten free accommodations for food allergies for the cookies?

  36. Kimberley Ellis

    Do you think they will have many of these items next year? I'm visiting with my husband, son and mum and we will be there for the first party! I'm so excited!

  37. April Dong

    I have a lot of questions because I didn’t known before hand but the park closes 6PM on that day and I didn’t buy tickets for the event but I made a reservation for the dining? What can I do?

  38. Queen Spoopy

    Do you know if the party magic band will be sold in the stores before, or on days where the party doesn't take place? Or are you only able to purchase them during the actual party with or without a ticket? Thanks!

  39. MuOmegaMu

    Loved this video. Very informative!

  40. Deldrick Howell

    AJ!! I love your videos. My husband and I are going for the 2nd time together. This time, with your help, a lot more prepared. To get into the Christmas Party, do you have to buy the party ticket AND have a park ticket for that day?

  41. shanxnoelx93

    Does anyone know who sings the male/female duet cover of “when we’re together” at the end of minnies fireworks? I’ve been looking for that version everywhere and can’t find it

  42. Laura Simone

    I am trying to determine if you need a separate park ticket in addition to the party ticket. It sounded like you need one from the video. And what about the Halloween party? Is it the same for that one?

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