White chocolate recipe | homemade white chocolate recipe with just 3 ingredients

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  1. Brawlhawlla4 L

    I tried it and it didn’t taste anything like white chocolate

  2. Harsh Jain

    Jaan Nahin raha hai to uske liye Mujhe Kya Karna chahie

  3. Prisha Girotra

    Is there a substitute for cocoa butter?

  4. la la

    Thanks for the recipe❤️

  5. Mr. Bon Clay

    Will it melt after you left it in room temp?

  6. Rani Aishwariya Bhagat

    Doosra Koi bhibutter daal sakte hain kya

  7. Sheron James

    Is there an option to make it appear glossy?

  8. Sushantika Kaushik

    Agar hamara pas cocoa butter na ho to ham normal butter use kar skta ha

  9. Alfaz khan

    We can use also butter plz reply me

  10. Vansh Sharma

    Cocoa butter ki jagah simple butter bhi use kar skte h kya

  11. Syed Omor

    এই চকলেট দূর পাঠালে কি গলে যাবে

  12. Jayden

    Can't believe there is no vanilla in white chocolate

  13. ashi singh

    Ye sara joy ha when I make this the blow was broken down

  14. Bindiya Roy

    Can I use normal butter instead of cocoa ?

  15. krish Shah

    U can and any source of fat instead of Coco butter

  16. Everan226 TheAllGamer

    Could u do this if u melted white chocolate chips and then just refrigerated it

  17. Kavita Shah

    Definitely will try n let u know my experience

  18. Fathima Shifaniya

    Can we make it without cocoa butter??

  19. sxriptsO

    Jesus loves you accept Him

  20. Vivek Sehrawat

    Can I take Ghee or Butter,instead of Cocoa Powder………

  21. Roxy

    Does look like the chocolate is clumpy though , I'm quite sure you can't make it fine like in the supermarkets without one of those chocolate grinders

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